Filipina Wife: The Many Beautiful Things About Filipinas



Pretty sure, many of you here are considering marrying and having a Filipina wife. Perhaps, you’ve been looking into several online dating sites that might give you some clues on how to date a Filipina and marry her.

The truth is Filipinas can make great wives. Talk to foreigners who have married a Filipina and they’ll tell you how great they are. Before you go and visit the Philippines to find yourself a wife, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Open to dating

Many foreigners who found love and got married in the Philippines know that some Filipinas are open-minded when it comes to marrying an older man. Of course, not all of them would like to marry older men. However, compared to Western women, they’re more open to having a relationship and, eventually, marrying an older man.

Having Caucasian features can be your ticket to having a Filipina wife. This is because most women in the Philippines are attracted to these features. Even if you’re an average looking guy, you’ll be easily promoted to rock-star status when you meet them.

Beautiful and slim

The lower rates of obesity in the Philippines are some of the reasons Filipinas become more desirable than American women. Once you visit the Philippines, you’ll surely be blown away by the exotic beauty of women here. Filipinas have dark hair, tanned skin and, yes, slender figures.


Having a Filipina wife can guarantee you that you’ll also have a faithful wife. Filipinas are not promiscuous. They’re very faithful in their relationships. They’ll only express their sexuality when they know that they’re in a committed relationship.

Family and motherhood

Women in the Philippines aren’t like Western women who spend most of their 20s and 30s climbing the corporate ladder. Filipinas do value their family and mothers. Despite the growing numbers of them working in big corporation, they still consider their family as their first priority. If you want your wife to be like that, then dating and marrying a Filipina is your best option.

Speak English

Philippines is an English speaking country, although its first language is Filipino. People here do speak 2 to 3 languages: Filipino, English and another language. You won’t find it difficult to communicate with a Filipina. Compared with other Asian women, Filipinas can better understand and speak English. This is a great advantage for you if you’re looking for a Filipina wife.

Can you mail-order a Filipina wife?

There’s no such thing as mail-order bride or wife. You’d probably meet your future wife online but you need to meet her in person to talk about what the future that lies ahead of you.

It’s a fallacy that a Filipina can be bought. When you just listen to the stories of foreigners marrying a woman in the Philippines, you’ll realize that none of them have bought or ordered their wives.

As previously mentioned, you can find a Filipina from an online dating site. But you need to visit her to further pursue your love for her. You can never tell how good these Filipinas are if you haven’t been to the Philippines.

So, take some time to visit the country and spend a few weeks or months getting to know the women in the Philippines. When you do, you may never want to go back home.

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