Falling in Love – How do Men Fall in Love?

Falling in Love – How do Men Fall in Love?

Falling in Love – How do Men Fall in Love?

Falling in love has different stages. But the stages are quite different in men. Men don’t experience bursts of happiness. They also don’t send you miss-you texts.

For them, falling in love entails happy experience. But they won’t feel it immediately. When they first meet women, they don’t have surge of affections unlike women. This is because their minds work differently than the ladies.

So, how do men fall in love? Here are the stages. Read On…

2 Best Herpes Dating Sites You Should Try

2 Best Herpes Dating Sites You Should Try

2 Best Herpes Dating Sites You Should Try

Online herpes dating sites are great for those who are suffering from STDs and seeking love. If you’re one of those people, then you can take advantage of these sites to assist you in finding a companion who also has the same medical problem as yours.

But these sites aren’t only useful in finding the love of your life, who also has a STD, but they’re also beneficial in finding support from people with the same medical condition. You can use their live consultations with counselors and doctors. But before you join one or some of them, it’s essential that you consider their safety features. Read On…

Online Dating Advice on How to Improve Your Dating Experience

Online Dating Advice on How to Improve Your Dating Experience

Online Dating Advice on How to Improve Your Dating Experience

So, you’ve finally decided to try online dating after heeding the advice of your friend. It’s actually a good move considering the many men/women waiting for you in the online dating world.

However, just because you’re online finding the right person doesn’t mean you don’t need to be cautious. In fact, when you’re in this world of dating, you need to be extra vigilant. Unlike the “real” dating scenario, you won’t be meeting the people face-to-face.

If you want to improve your online dating experience, you’d want to keep these pieces of advice in mind. Read On…

Online Dating Etiquette – The Must-Know Golden Rules of Online Dating



Yes, there’s such a thing as online dating etiquette. But it’s not as rigid as royal etiquette. They’re simple golden rules that make your experience as comfortable and vibrant as possible.

You should heed to these rules, especially when you share information about yourself to your online dating profile or social media. Read On…

Healthy Relationships – Tips to Maintain a Healthy Relationship



These days, it’s not easy to see healthy relationships. Thanks to the many things that can tempt you or your partner to cheat.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great relationship with your partner. To have one, you need to communicate more often. This is to make sure that the two of you are on the same page.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a loving relationship with your spouse or partner. Read On…

Tips to Find Out Who Loves You Dearly



How can you find out who loves you?

It’s tricky to determine as love can be a crooked thing. Even Albert Einstein or Doctor Who can’t know all that is in love.

Love per se develops in 3 stages. It starts with lust. Then, attraction. Afterwards, it grows into attachment.

To know what stage that someone is experiencing, you’ll need to examine his/her actions, as well as his/her behavior and attitude.

Body language

The first thing that you must pay close attention to is the body language of that person. To find out if that person loves you, he/she makes a lot of physical contact with you when he/she’s near you.

If he/she does, it simply means that he/she has strong feelings for you.

Listen to his/her tone

During your conversation with him/her, take note of his/her tone. Then, compare it when he/she is talking to others.

He/she loves you that much if he/she uses caring or compassionate tone when conversing to you but his/her tone changes when talking to others.

Sticking around

Does he/she stick around for no reason? If he/she does, then this is another way to know on how to find out who loves you. Instead of just meeting you up at the party, he/she wants to go grocery shopping with you so he/she can spend more time with you while preparing a dish for the party.

Times he/she contacts you

In various studies conducted, researchers found out that having high levels of serotonin could cause someone to think about his/her partner.

Thus, the more he/she calls/texts you throughout the day, the more he’s/she’s obviously thinking about you. This is another indication that he/she loves you.

And before he/she goes to bed, he/she calls you up.


If he/she gives you meaningful gifts, then it’s a true sign he/she is in love with you. It’s another way to find out who loves you.

Meaningful doesn’t mean expensive. It only means that he/she spent hours of his/her time to find you that perfect gift that fits your personality.

What would you do if he/she is truly in love with you?

After finding out that that person is in love with you, you might freak out. But don’t be. Instead, you must be yourself. Your uniqueness is the first thing that makes him/her love you. Make it your charm. You may not have a body of a model. But for him/her, you’re more attractive than Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.

Have that right attitude. This will only make you more attractive to that person. Avoid having that gloomy look. Avoid screaming each time you face something that’s unexpected.

And most of all, give attention to your grooming habit. Having a body odor is indeed a turn off. No matter how beautiful your face is, you’ll still be turned down by the person who loves you when you have a body odor.

You must consider highly your oral hygiene. Use a mouth fresher before cozying up with him/her.

Finding out who loves you can be easier with those tips above. Follow them and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Find Your Soulmate – Some Quick Tips

Finding Your Soulmate – That One Special Person



Find your soulmate and you’ll have that someone who can enrich your life in such a way that no one else can do it for you. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find that special person who can complete you.

So, with your busy schedules and tight deadlines, how are you going to find your true love? Here are some tips. Read On…

Filipina Wife: The Many Beautiful Things About Filipinas



Pretty sure, many of you here are considering marrying and having a Filipina wife. Perhaps, you’ve been looking into several online dating sites that might give you some clues on how to date a Filipina and marry her.

The truth is Filipinas can make great wives. Talk to foreigners who have married a Filipina and they’ll tell you how great they are. Before you go and visit the Philippines to find yourself a wife, here are some things you should keep in mind. Read On…