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  • Coffee Calories: How Many are in Espresso and Are They Bad for Intermittent Fasting

    How many coffee calories in a cup of black coffee? Is it good for intermittent fasting?

    September 13, 2019


    a cup of black coffee has no calories.

    The good news? There are no calories in coffee, per se. Coffee gives us a lot of energy. Thus, many of you would wonder how this beverage could provide us with sufficient energy if it does not have any calories. Even our organic coffee (Kopi Luwak or Civet coffee) has fewer calories. 

    Coffee Calories According to USDA

    The USDA stated that a cup of black coffee contains two calories. Other sources will give you a slight variation. However, most of them show that having a cup of coffee has no calories at all. 

    In a shot of espresso, you will only get three calories. Americano has 5 calories while a black iced coffee has five calories. In that case, you can drink as many cups of coffee in a day and not worry about its calories affecting your weight. 

    However, the caffeine content is what you will need to consider. If you drink coffee late in the afternoon, then you will have difficulty sleeping at night. In that case, even though coffee has few or no calories, consider drinking it in moderation. 

    Coffee will only have calories if you add some things in it. And this is where coffee becomes bad for those who are following intermittent fasting. 

    How Many Calories in Coffee with Cream 

    Dressing up your organic coffee with extras will surely add some calories in this beverage. How many calories in coffee with cream will depend on the kind of creamer you use. 

    For instance, if you add heavy whipping cream, then this beverage will gain 101 calories. If you add fat-free milk, this beverage will give you 10 calories for every two tablespoons of such milk. 

    In that case, it is better to just drink plain coffee if you are afraid of adding calories to your drink. 

    Instant Coffee Calories 

    We do not recommend instant coffee, though. It is especially true if it is 3-in-1 because it contains a high amount of sugar. Furthermore, if the reason you are drinking coffee is that of its caffeine content, then do not choose instant coffee. The reason for this is that it contains less caffeine. 

    A cup of instant coffee will only have up to 90 mg of caffeine. Compared it to 140 mg of regular coffee. However, if you are cutting back on caffeine, then an instant coffee could be the right option. 

    As for the calories of instant coffee, it depends on the brand. Some would only contain four calories while others can have more than 90 calories. 

    How Many Calories in a Cup of Black Coffee

    It is good to know that a cup of brewed coffee has less than five calories. What’s more, is that it has no fat. 

    As mentioned earlier, it is when you add some extras that will boost the calories of coffee. Adding sugar, for example, will give you a total of 16 calories for one teaspoon or four grams of sugar. 

    Thus, if you are watching your diet and counting your calories, you should still consider the calories in the liquid form, like in coffee. 

    However, if you are doing intermittent fasting, you may be wondering whether or not it will break your fast. For many experts, black coffee, espresso, and other coffee variations will not break your fast. The only time it will break your fast is when you add some extras. 

    We published a post about “Will Herbal Tea Break a Fast?” And we mentioned that it would depend on your goal.

    In a video presented by Thomas DeLauer, he stated that black coffee is fasting-safe. Watch the video to find out his explanation on why black coffee is good for IF. 

    What about bulletproof coffee? In the video, he said that this kind of coffee would break a fast. The reason for this is that a cup of bulletproof coffee contains 400 calories. And it will depend on how much butter and MCT oil you added. 

    Dr. Erig Berg said that a small amount of black coffee is good. But do not drink too much of it if you are in a fasting state. The reason for this is that coffee can stimulate the adrenals, which will activate cortisol and insulin. When insulin is activated, it will get you out of the fasting state. 

    If I am in a fasting state, I do not drink coffee. Not even espresso or black coffee. I simply drink plain water. 


    Coffee has 0 to 5 calories. But if you add some extras, then you are also adding calories to this drink. 

    And if you love drinking coffee, you should try our organic coffee. We will soon add Civet coffee in our online shop. If you want to be the first person to know about when it will happen, then make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. You will also get the discount code that you can use when ordering our organic coffee.

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