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  • Climate Change Could Be Helping New Superbugs to Thrive

    Climate change could be helping superbugs to arise. Read more about how the rising global temperature helps superbugs in adapting to warmer temperatures and affect health and wellness.

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    climate change could help superbugs to survive

    Dangerous fungi are now thriving in warmer temperatures. Thanks to climate change. Is the rising global temperature the culprit for a multi-drug resistant superbug? 

    Scientists are wondering how a superbug, which is resistant to multiple drugs, could show in more than 30 countries in a decade. But they might have found the answer, in this new study

    The study showed that C. auris could grow at higher temperatures compared to its related species. As a result, it enables them to thrive in mammalian species. 

    Fungal diseases have killed many plants and animal species. Humans and other mammals have been saved because of body temperatures. That is, they are too warm for most fungi to grow and proliferate. 

    However, climate change is changing it according to the study. 

    Harmful versions of Candida auris are rising independently in Africa, South America, and Asia. These versions are of the same species but they are distinct genetically. The spread of these versions is not caused by infected travelers. 

    Rather, the C. auris of every continent could have tolerated the average normal body temperature of humans. As the environment’s temperature changes, the fungi adapted to the warm temperature. 

    But this is just a hypothesis. Still, if it is true, C. auris could be the first new fungal disease that could emerge because of climate change. It could pose a life-threatening risk to humans. 

    Since 2016, the United States has nearly 700 confirmed cases in 12 states. Deadly outbreaks occur in patients staying in hospitals and other medical care facilities. 

    The fungus causes infection to the brain, heart, blood and other parts of the body. In several studies, they showed that C. auris invasive infection could be fatal.

    C. auris could spread easily from one patient to another. That’s why it can easily cause outbreaks with a short period. Unfortunately, it is resistant to the anti-fungal drug. It can easily enter the bloodstream. When it does, it can quickly spread throughout the body causing dangerous infections. 

    Protect Yourself 

    One of the effective ways to prevent fungal diseases is to practice good hygiene. 

    Wash Your Hands

    Hand washing is vital to prevent dangerous germs from entering your bloodstream. It is one of the best ways to stop C. auris from spreading. If you suffer from it, make sure to wash your hands regularly. 

    Boost Your Immune System for Health and Wellness

    The first line of defense here is to have a healthy lifestyle. Keep your immune function strong. In that case, you must avoid smoking. 

    You should eat a healthy diet. It must be high in fruits and vegetables. Plus, you must exercise regularly. 

    A healthy immune function requires good and regular nourishment. People living in poverty are more prone to infectious diseases. 

    If you think that your diet is not enough to give you the micronutrient, take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. (The link will direct you to our online shop where you can buy Nutrilite Daily supplement.)

    And you must also avoid stress. If you have a highly stressful job, consider meditation for health and wellness. We have written a post about self-care and self-preservation. You may read it by clicking the link. 

    Drinking herbal tea may also help. Here is our post about the reasons you should consider drinking Herbalife tea for its many health benefits.

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