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  • Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss – What the Studies Suggest?

    Is cayenne pepper for weight loss a possibility? Gisele Bundchen is said to be using it. Dr. Axe recommends it. But what’s the truth about this so-called weight loss miracle herb? Let’s also look into some recipes that include cayenne pepper.

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    Perhaps, you’re also asking yourself, “How can a hot spice be good for weight loss?” Indeed. Why cayenne pepper for weight loss has become a hot topic of discussion amongst people who want to lose weight and have lost weight?

    Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss – What the Studies Suggest?

    Are there studies to prove that cayenne pepper for weight loss is a possibility?

    According to a new study partially supported by the National Institutes of Health, this spice MAY help burn calories.

    It may also curb your appetite.

    In that study, researchers found that by adding just a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a food could burn more than 10 calories within a four-hour period.

    This is also true when you swallow the capsule form.

    The study also revealed that this pepper helped in decreasing appetite. It’s more beneficial for people who weren’t used to eating spicy foods.

    Richard Mattes, Ph.D., R.D., thinks that the role of cayenne pepper for weight loss is to stimulate the trigeminal nerve. This is one of the main nerves found in the head and neck.

    For Mattes, it could be the chemical irritation that activates the body’s system to increase energy expenditure, and alter appetite to reduce food intake.

    He further suggested that those who didn’t like eating the spice may experience the greater effect. So, when the person gets used to it and other spicy foods, the effects will start to wear off.

    (Source: Cayenne Pepper May Burn Calories)

    A Top Fat Burning Food

    Yes, even the supermodel Gisele Bundchen considered it as a weight loss secret.

    Used medicinally for centuries, this spice may also help in increasing lipid oxidation, which is a desirable action because fats are burned and used as energy.

    It is also linked to a decreased appetite or growth of fat cells.

    As we all know, we need these factors to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

    However, if you don’t like cayenne pepper, you may also try cinnamon to help you burn fats. A research showed that this herb could lower blood sugar levels. But the discovery was just accidental.

    Another study also showed that taking one-quarter or two teaspoons of cinnamon a day significantly change the sufferers’ blood sugar levels.

    It also changed their insulin output.

    (Source: Top Fat Burning Foods)

    What is in the Cayenne Pepper That May Help You Lose Weight?

    Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss – What the Studies Suggest?

    The spicy taste of cayenne pepper is from capsaicin.

    It’s a compound normally found in hot peppers. Capsaicin is known to assist in boosting metabolism, burning calories to be used as fuel and producing extra heat.

    After taking foods with capsaicin, your body’s metabolic rate may increase up to 20 percent within two hours. Furthermore, it may also increase fat oxidation so your body will have a better use of your fats and turn them into fuel.

    But because the amount of capsaicin in a cayenne pepper is not enough to melt the fats away, you should not over consume it.

    You shouldn’t get discouraged though as capsaicin, even in small amount, may be enough to help you stop cravings for sweet, fatty and salty foods.

    Unfortunately, this weight loss aid may decrease the effectiveness of some medicines, like antacids, aspirin and blood thinning drugs.

    Then, some people may be allergic to this pepper, especially those who are already allergic to banana, chestnut, avocado and kiwi.

    (Source: Control Appetite with Cayenne Pepper)

    Cooking with Cayenne Pepper

    When you take cayenne pepper orally, it can promote cardiovascular health. Plus, it prevents ulcers and drains congested nasal passages.

    It can be used fresh or dried.

    If you opt for the fresh cayenne pepper, you can use it the same way you use fresh jalapenos. That is, you may add it as a garnish or add it to dips. To lower the spiciness, removing the seeds may do the trick.

    The dried form is said to be more versatile as it works well with various dishes. You may add it to cocoa to have a bit of spice or pair it with lemon juice. Typically, you can incorporate it to both savory and sweet dishes. You may also add it to your hot chocolate.

    For unusual applications, you may use cayenne pepper when you get cold feet during the cold weather.  You just need to sprinkle the powder into your socks. And if you’re prone to ulcers, you may want to try the red pepper tea.

    (Source: Cooking with Spices)

    Recipes with Cayenne Pepper That You Can Try

    1. Lemonade Cleanse

    Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss – What the Studies Suggest?

    You may use it as a 30-day cleanse for your liver, colon and kidneys. To make it more effective, drink it every morning. This is an ideal way for you to drink more water, if you struggle to meet the recommended three liters or 13 cups of water a day.

    The ingredients are easy to find, except for the Stevia powder. In the Philippines, only a few supermarkets sell Stevia. It can be because not all Filipinos are fans of it or it’s not too popular as the regular sugar.

    Via Tried and Tasty

    2. Truffles with Cayenne

    Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss – What the Studies Suggest?

    Yes, you may wonder how it is even possible to combine dark choco and hot chilies. In this recipe you’ll need five cayenne chili peppers, bittersweet chocolate, heavy cream and unsweetened coco powder.

    If you’re a fan of eating truffles, you may find this interesting.

    With this recipe, you’ll get a taste of dark choco and a hint of a hot spice that will hit the back of your throat.

    But don’t indulge on them too much. Remember, your goal is to lose weight.

    This recipe may include cayenne pepper but it also contains some ingredients that may cancel out the weight loss properties of said pepper.

    Via The View From the Great Island

    3. Rice Vegetarian

    Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss – What the Studies Suggest?

    Stephanie Weaver calls it “Dirty Rice Vegetarian.”

    This is a New Orleans dish that contains sausage and butter. It’s great for those who are following a vegetarian diet as it does not contain turkey bacon and ground turkey.

    Instead, it uses soy chorizo.

    Furthermore, this recipe calls for brown rice. Or you can mix brown and wild rice.

    It’s ideal for vegan, reduced-sugar and gluten-free diets. But it’s not great for those who are following a low-sodium or migraine diet.

    Per serving of this recipe is only 164 calories. That’s already enough to make you feel full while meeting your daily calorie intake.

    Via Recipe Renovator

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