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  • Cannabis Smoking Study: More Parents Smoke Marijuana With Kids At Home

    One of the lead authors of the study stated that the increase in marijuana use is “disproportionately common among cigarette smoking parents.” The author suggested that we’re likely to experience an increase in exposure to various types of smoke.

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    Cannabis Smoking: More Parents Smoke Marijuana With Kids At Home

    In a new study, researchers revealed that more and more American parents are engaging in Cannabis smoking while their kids are still living at home. The study may suggest that this behavior may affect the efforts of limiting children’s exposure to passive smoking.

    Cigarette smoking is declining among parents with kids who are still living at home. However, Cannabis smoking is still increasing among parents, resulting in the increasing exposure of kids to secondhand marijuana smoke.

    One of the lead authors of the study stated that the increase in marijuana use is “disproportionately common among cigarette smoking parents.” The author suggested that we’re likely to experience an increase in exposure to various types of smoke.

    The medical community is concerned about this increased use of marijuana. Some forms of MJ are legal in some 30 US states. Because of this legality, many individuals may assume that Cannabis is harmless. But they failed to realize the dangerous effects of second-hand smoke to children.

    Increase Risk of Asthma

    Passive smoking may increase kids’ risk of asthma and other diseases. You can find various health campaigns that discouraged cigarette smoking because of its health risks. These campaigns also aimed at preventing children’s exposure to passive cigarette smoking. Sadly, there are no campaigns that educate the public about the risks of passive Cannabis smoking.

    Cannabis Smoking – Medical Uses

    There are legal medical uses for Cannabis. Marijuana has two active chemicals. The first one is cannabidiol (CBD). It affects the brain without giving you a high. The second chemical is the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It has pain-relieving qualities that give you the high effect.

    One of the most supported medical uses of Cannabis is its ability to treat chronic pain. In a recent report, it showed that there was definitive evidence that marijuana could effectively treat chronic pain.

    There’s also strong evidence that it could help with muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis. Some people are using it to treat their diaphragm spasms.

    Furthermore, MJ may not harm your lungs, unlike smoking tobacco. It does not only affect your lung function but it also increases your lung capacity. In a study, it showed that cigarette smokers lost their lung function after smoking cigarette for a long time. However, pot users managed to increase their lung capacity.

    One of the reasons for having an increased lung capacity is that Cannabis smoking requires taking deep breaths while you inhale the drug. The National Academies also reported that MJ users are not likely to develop cancers because of Cannabis smoking.

    Another health benefit of Cannabis is that it may treat or prevent glaucoma. It is an eye disease the increases pressure in the eyeball. As a result, it damages your optic nerve resulting in vision loss. The National Eye Institute stated that MJ could decrease pressure in the eye of patients with normal pressure and those who are suffering from this eye disease. However, the data showed that Cannabis will only lower IOP for a few hours. Thus, there is no sufficient evidence that it could be useful as a long-term treatment for this condition.

    But because marijuana research is limited, the medical community still disputes about its medicinal properties. Without further research, we’ll never know how the other compounds in marijuana work.

    As for parents who are using Cannabis, they’re not only encouraging their kids to smoke but they are also making Cannabis more accessible for them causing the kids to unintentionally ingest it or experiment and use Cannabis.

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