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  • Bowel Cancer: Prevention Tips That Our Bowel Will Love

    Learn about how high-meat diet can cause bowel cancer and how you can prevent it from killing you.

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    Bowel Cancer Prevention

    Bowel cancer (colorectal cancer) is getting more and more popular each day. It killed my grandmother. Now, it’s slowly destroying my cousin’s future. So, who’s next?

    The rising incidence of people suffering from this disease is causing an alarm. Medical researchers think that it’s almost the same as lung cancer – what goes into our lung causes lung cancer. In colorectal cancer, what goes into our bowel causes cancerous tumor to grow.

    Although it’s been attacking hundreds to thousands of Filipinos, this type of cancer isn’t as rampant as it is in America and other most-advanced countries. In fact, it’s noted that those people who live in the poorer nations have low incidence of bowel cancer, well, except for Argentina and Uruguay. These countries are raising cattle. Thus, their residents are fond of eating lots of beef.

    How does meat become a culprit?

    A meat diet is rich in fat, which forces the liver to produce more bile to digest the fat.

    The bacteria living in our colon change those bile salts and transform them into chemicals that promote cancer cells.

    When we fry or broil the meat or fish, the fats and proteins may form into chemicals that can cause formation of cancer.

    Because a meat diet is low in fiber, it’s not easy for our system to get rid of those harmful chemicals.

    What can we do about it? What are the most effective bowel prevention tips?

    We must consume less meat, then.

    But why does Finland have lower incidence of bowel cancer when they eat lots of fats?

    These people eat similar amount of fats as Americans do yet they have low risk of colorectal cancer. Researchers said that there are two reasons for this:

    Their fat source doesn’t come from meat. Rather, it’s from dairy products.

    They consume high amount of fiber, like whole wheat bread.

    So, is this the reason vegetarians don’t have to worry about bowel cancer?

    Yes. Studies showed that vegans have only ¼ concentration of bile salts in their stool, compared with us, non-vegetarians.

    Furthermore, the fiber content in their diet is more than two times than our diet.

    But, just because vegetarians aren’t prone to this type of cancer, doesn’t mean we have to go vegan as well.

    Keep in mind that there are several risk factors linked to this type of cancer.


    As we get older, our immune system tends to get weaker. So, we’re more prone to several diseases.


    If we continue to eat fast foods, then we could be a good candidate for bowel cancer.

    Early detection

    When we learned that our late grandmother was suffering from colorectal cancer, it was already too late. Her cancer had already metastasized. If it were caught earlier, she could have lived five or ten more years. This is what happened to US President Ronald Reagan. His was detected earlier so surgery did help.

    Good thing, though, there are bowel prevention tips and things that we can do to fight against bowel cancer.

    1. Avoid overeating.

    2. Avoid consuming foods high in fat.

    Instead, we should start eating whole grains, fruit and vegetables.

    Our family doctor advised us to eat vegetables belonging to cabbage family, like cauliflower and broccoli. They have anti-cancer properties.

    We should also drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits to prevent constipation.

    Let’s get the habit of exercising (I’m already working out, are you?).

    And lastly, get regular medical check-ups.

    Our doctor recommends undergoing colonoscopy every five years and having fecalysis every year.

    Bowel cancer is curable, only if it’s caught earlier.

    Still the best remedy is to prevent it from happening.

    Will you join me in this quest of preventing bowel cancer from hurting us or our family?


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    • gloria yumang September 24, 2013 at 6:49 am

      what are the symptoms of bowel cancer


      • Vim Chi

        admin September 24, 2013 at 10:58 pm

        Hello Gloria,

        Ty for visiting our site. Here are some of the symptoms of bowel cancer, according to

        1. Blood in your stool
        2. Change in normal bowel movement, like defecating frequently than normal
        3. Abdominal pain
        4. Unexplained weight loss

        It'd be better to check with your doctor, if you have one or some of these symptoms.


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