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  • Black Coffee Drinkers Are Likely to be Psychopaths According to an Austrian Research

    Don’t judge just yet. Know first why black coffee is linked to psychopathic behavior. Here’s the answer by Austrian researchers.

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    Black Coffee Drinkers Are Likely to be Psychopaths According to an Austrian Research

    How would you like to drink your coffee in the morning? Black or with milk? If you’re more likely to choose black coffee, then you’re more likely to have psychopathic tendencies. I’m not making this up. This is based on a research at the Innsbruck University in Australia.

    Bitter Tastes

    Researchers said that those who like bitter tastes are more likely to be vain, sadistic and manipulative. The study included the following:

    • 1,000 respondents
    • Split into two groups: students and prison inmates
    • Two groups reported taste preferences
    • Completed personality questions

    Based on the answers provided by the respondents, the researchers claimed that the study offered a piece of evidence for their hypothesis about bitter taste preferences, which are linked to evil personality traits, including sadism and psychopathy.

    Those who enjoyed bitter flavored foods over sweet ones were more likely to be narcissistic, sadistic and psychopathic.

    Researchers also found correlation between individuals showing antisocial personality traits and those who like bitter tastes, like black coffee, radishes and tonic water.


    How you want to drink your coffee is an accurate reflection of how you enjoy bitter flavors so much.

    If you’re a fan of bitterness, then you’re more likely to show kindness, cooperativeness, sympathy and other agreeable tendencies.

    In previous studies, not liking bitter flavors is linked to emotional sensitivity in humans.

    And those who like spicy foods and caffeinated drinks are said to be sensation seeker.

    However, researchers said that our taste preference is influenced by our past experiences culture and other factors.

    There is a subjective opinion about what type of bitter food that the participants/respondents wanted.

    It’s also important to point out that the study couldn’t find clear conclusions as to the cause of the correlation between bitter flavors, like black coffee and psychopathic tendencies.

    That said, before you start judging people at Starbucks who opt to drink black coffee, it’s good to remember that the results of the study wasn’t conclusive.

    Just because you prefer to drink black coffee doesn’t mean that you’re a psychopath (are you?).

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