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  • 11 Most Common Ingredients of the Best Supplements for Women

    What are the most beneficial ingredients of the best supplements for women?

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    11 Most Common Ingredients of the Best Supplements for Women

    The best supplements for women can give you that extra edge in burning fats while gaining lean muscle… a lot faster.

    Yesterday, while I was running with my nephew, I met my schoolmate in high school. She looked fit and healthy. What I noticed immediately about her was her lean muscle. As a fitness enthusiast, I asked her fitness routine. She told me she was using a supplement to help her gain leaner muscles.

    I am not a big fan of taking supplements for gaining muscles but I am pretty curious about her results and what she is taking. In my opinion, the best supplements cannot beat a good hard training routine to obtain a perfectly lean body. Still, these products might help you feel awesome, just like my schoolmate.

    What Are The Ingredients Of The Supplements Available For Women?


    It is a milk protein that is easy to digest. In other words, it is easily processed by your body once it gets inside your system.

    Once it has been broken down, it transports its amino acids to your muscle tissue.

    Whey protein is beneficial during times when the whole-food proteins that you need are digested too slowly by your body. These whole-food proteins will include chicken breast, lean steak, and fish.

    The best supplements for women containing whey protein will be very useful if you workout first thing in the morning.

    Another great thing about whey protein is that it does not only deliver protein. It also transports peptides or protein fragments that are known to increase proper blood flow to your muscles. This is essentially helpful before you workout. In this way, your muscles will receive more nutrients, hormones and oxygen. As a result, you will have the right energy to endure a heavy training.

    It is best to be taken in the morning. Add at least 20 grams of it in water and drink it upon waking up. It must be within half an hour before you workout. Then, take another drink 30 minutes after training.

    You can also drink one of the best supplements with whey protein as a snack. This is what I do with my Herbalife protein shake sometimes. I use it as a snack between meals.


    It is a powerful stimulant drug. As a morning person, I drink it every day while browsing and reading emails.

    We all know caffeine’s benefits. This is one of the reasons it is included as an ingredient in the best supplements for women.

    It awakens your senses and improves your concentration and focus. Experts also found its ability in boosting muscle strength and intensity and enhance fat loss while you workout.

    And if you pair it with a green tea extract, then you can have two powerful stimulants in one drink.

    Essentially, caffeine enhances the amount of fats being released by your fat cells to be burned and used as fuel. Green tea, on the other hand, boosts your metabolic rate.

    Taking these two together can ensure that the fat which has been released will be surely burned and used up for energy.

    The best supplements for women contain both of these components.

    Before working out, take up to 400 milligrams of caffeine 30 minutes before working out. But you must not take it a few hours before bedtime if you do not want to disrupt your good night’s sleep.

    For some trainers, however, they do not recommend taking a supplement with caffeine, despite the benefits of this substance.


    It is another milk protein. Casein and whey protein came from the same sources. However, casein is not easily digested by your body. What it means is that it can provide your body with amino acids for several hours.

    This is ideal if you will go fasting for seven to eight hours. In a study conducted, it was found that those who took casein protein as an ingredient of one of the best supplements for women before bedtime gained more muscles than those who took it in the morning.

    And when you consume it with whey protein after working out, you can expect to have improved muscle growth in no time.

    When you take casein, drink up to 20 grams of it before bedtime. Or drink it after working out. But make sure to combine it with whey protein to maximize its benefits.


    One of the best supplements that we have in our shop contains high amount of nitric oxide boosters. Why do you need them?

    Nitric oxide relaxes your muscles while it increases their diameter. As a result, there is more blood flowing toward your muscles.

    This means that there are more nutrients, oxygen, glucose, amino acids and fats going to your muscles for better production of energy while working out. In this way, you can train harder and for longer period.

    Another great thing about it is that it helps your muscle recover faster. The best supplements for women contain NO boosters to assist you in gaining bigger muscles.

    If you are trying to create that muscle pump, then NO boosters are the ones you are looking for. They stretch the muscle cell membranes so they grow bigger.

    Apart from making your muscles appear bigger, NO boosters also support proper release of fats from the cells to be burned as energy.

    Take one of the best supplements with NO boosters at least 30 minutes before working out. Supplements with this type of ingredient will also prevent headache.


    They are usually isoleucine, leucine and valine. These three share the same branched molecular structure. All of them increase the intensity and length of your workout, just like NO boosters.

    BCAAs can be burned and be used by your body and muscle tissue as fuel. They also minimize muscle fatigue as a result of intense training. Since they are amino acids, they can be involved in the muscle tissue creation. Hence, they are also known as the builder.

    These compounds can also increase growth hormone levels while they reduce cortisol. Another great thing about BCAAs is that they replenish the nutrients to your muscle tissue after heavy workouts.

    The best supplements with BCAAs must be taken before and after working out to maximize their benefits.


    It occurs naturally in the body. This amino acid-like compound helps muscle in increasing energy faster during exercise. Thus, when you take a supplement with creatine, your energy is increased.

    Creatine is also useful in drawing water into your muscle cells resulting in their enhanced size after working out. Your muscles will stretch out to yield growth.

    One of the best supplements for women may contain up to five grams of creatine. Take it before and after working out. But this is ideal before and during workouts to have the energy that you need to survive a longer training.

    7. CALCIUM

    It is an essential mineral that strengthens your bone. Well, everyone knows its function. In addition to strengthening your bone’s health, calcium is also essential in muscle contraction. This means that without sufficient amount of this mineral in the body, muscles will not contract properly.

    Apart from that, studies are now finding out the truth about calcium’s role in fat loss. This mineral decreases dietary fat absorption in the intestines. It is also known for its ability in suppressing calcitrol, a hormone that reduces fat burning ability of your body.

    The best supplements for women do contain calcium as one of their ingredients. Experts recommend taking up to 600 mg of calcium each day. I like the combination of calcium and magnesium in a supplement as the latter encourages proper absorption of the former in the body. As a result, it does not promote formation of stones.


    It is another important ingredient in one of the best supplements for women. Green tea, per se, contains polyphenol epigallocathechin gallate. It blocks a certain enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine.

    Blocking of such enzyme is necessary as norepinephrine increases metabolic rate and burning of fats in the body. If it is not broken down, your body can burn more fats, maximizing the effects of your workout.

    Studies also showed that green tea extract could support muscle recovery. This is especially great after performing intense workouts.

    Before meals, take green tea. The best supplements must contain about 500 mg of this extract to support your workout.

    9. VITAMIN C

    Yes, you need vitamin C to support your every workout. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that supports immune system function. It is also a powerful antioxidant that encourages proper hormone synthesis. Not only that, it also promotes synthesis of amino acids and collagen.

    And because it is an antioxidant, it destroys free radicals, which are known to break down nitric oxide. And we already know the roles of NO in our body – it increases endurance, reduces muscle fatigue and supports muscle strength and growth.


    B complex is a series of various vitamins essential for your well-being. The roles of B vitamins in your body cannot be underestimated. First, it is essential in extracting nutrients from those foods that you eat. Then, it helps in getting more oxygen to go into your muscle tissue.

    If you feel that you lack energy each time you work out, then your body might be deficient of such. Take a B complex and you will be training for hours.

    B vitamins offer great benefits. Riboflavin, for instance, helps your body in digesting and utilizing protein so that it can surely build muscle properly.

    Folic acid is another B vitamin that involves in the nitric oxide production, giving you the energy and pump that you need during workout.

    The best supplements for women contain 100 mg of the most important B vitamins, like thiamin, panthothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and pyridoxine. It must also contain folic acid, cobalamin and biotin.

    Then, the supplement must have enough multivitamins. That is, if you are not taking enough of them. A multimineral complex is what you need to fill the nutritional gap in what you eat. This is especially true if you are dieting to lose weight.

    Multivitamins may support and prevent deficiencies of the other vitamins and minerals, which usually happens when you are restricting your calorie intake or because of sickness.

    Bear in mind that lacking in one or some of these micronutrients can decrease your energy levels. It can also result in a lack of muscle strength. Your body will not lose or eliminate extra fats to be used up as energy.

    Make sure that your supplement contains multivitamins, such as vitamins C, D, E and B complex. It must also include zinc, copper and chromium. If your supplement does not have those, then you must consider getting a multivitamin containing those elements. Then, take it once a day with meal. Experts recommend taking it after breakfast.


    Some of the best supplements for women contain CLA. It is a healthy fat categorized as an omega-6 fatty acid. Even though experts do not highly recommend intake of omega-6 fats because we can easily obtain them through our diet, CLA is quite different.

    The reason for this is that it supports proper fat loss while promoting muscle strength and growth. It is also said that it supports metabolism and promotes burning of more fats in the body while you sleep. As a result, you are sparing muscle tissue.

    Unfortunately, not all supplements contain CLA. Experts advise taking about two grams of it three times a day and take it with meals.


    The role of the best supplements for women is simple – they give you the energy that you need to gain leaner muscles faster. Fitness experts do not highly recommend them to improve health and fitness. However, if you are like my schoolmate, you might benefit from taking them should you wish to gain muscles faster and maximize the benefits of your exercise.


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