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  • Best Way to Lose Weight – Uncovered by Scientists from Johns Hopkins

    What’s the best way to lose weight according to the researchers from Johns Hopkins?

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    Some people in Davao City do struggle to lose weight. And if you’re one of them, scientists from the Johns Hopkins may have found an answer for you — the best way to lose weight. 

    Best Way to Lose Weight - Uncovered by Scientists from Johns Hopkins

    It’s not a fad diet.

    It’s also not a new fitness tracker of a workout machine.

    Would you believe it? It’s your doctor.

    Scientists from Johns Hopkins University conducted a study and concluded that your primary care physician is the best way to lose weight or the best tool to reach your weight loss goals.

    Your doctor is the best person to help you get back into shape and achieve the body that you’ve always dreamed of, according to this report.

    Most of us look for new diets or purchase the latest workout machines just to shed unwanted pounds. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

    With this latest study, you can lose significant amount of weight by simply talking and working with your doctor. However, it must be a doctor you can trust.

    Recent Study

    The said study was federally funded and it involved more than 300 patients suffering from obesity. Those who lost significant amount of weight considered their doctor to be very helpful to their goal.

    The study supports pieces of evidence that healthcare providers could indeed play a significant role in their patients’ weight loss efforts.

    There are many weight loss programs on the market. They run commercially and patients join them without first informing their doctors. This study implies that patients should ask or seek the advice of their doctors before embarking on this journey.

    The study also meant that working with your physician in your future programs could lead to a more successful weight loss goal.

    Your Doctor Knows Better

    Your doctor knows your individual problems. Thus, he/she knows what your needs are to help you lose weight.

    Since he/she knows your lifestyle, your doctor can determine the changes you need to achieve your goal. Your physician can study about your diet and will tell you the type of food that you must stop eating and what foods you must start eating.

    Your doctor may also tell you the route you can take to effectively lose weight.

    In said study, obese patients were given health coaches and supervised by primary care physicians. Most of the patients showed good relationship with their doctors. Although the relationship didn’t correspond to weight loss, there was one determining factor that actually helped them, i.e. helpfulness.

    Those who said that their doctors were very helpful have lost 11 pounds compared to those who didn’t rate their doctors high.

    Obesity in the Philippines is increasing. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover physician-guided weight loss. But the researchers of this study hope that it might encourage new strategies that could somehow change the insurance policies.

    With that in mind, start incorporating your physicians in your future weight loss efforts. It might lead to a more successful result.

    If you think that you current doctor isn’t helping you lose weight, then find another one. He/she could be the key to finally resolve your weight problem.

    Note: You may read the study published in the Patient Education and Counseling.


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