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  • Best Teas for Your Skin

    If you’re looking to clarify or maintain healthy skin, try one of these best teas for your skin.

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    Teas aren’t just good for your body, but they’re also good for your skin. Well, some of them. So, what are the best teas for your skin? You may ask.

    Before discussing those teas, let’s first talk about what’s in this beverage.

    Tea is rich in polyphenols. With these molecules containing antioxidant properties, your skin will be well hydrated.

    They also reverse the effects of UV damage and reduce inflammation.

    When you do use teas for your skin, you need to apply them on your skin. However, if you don’t like applying something on your skin, you can opt to drink teas and help your skin glow.

    If you’re looking to clarify or maintain healthy skin, try one of these teas.

    1. Green Tea

    best teas for your skin, green tea best tea for skin

    It’s not surprising that this tea lands on top of any healthy beverages. In several studies, they showed that drinking it can reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

    Despite that, you still need to wear sunscreen protection daily.

    The catechins in green tea can reduce inflammation related to aging. They also protect your skin against sunburns and long-term UV damage.

    Excessive UV exposure can cause the development of free radicals in the body. And these free radicals can easily wreak havoc on your skin cells.

    Apart from drinking green tea, it can also help if you choose beauty products with green tea extract.

    These products must contain at least 90 percent of polyphenols from green tea to prevent the development of early signs of aging.

    They also hydrate your skin making them ideal for patients with eczema.

    If you apply it as a face mask, green tea can act as an excellent exfoliator. It can bring shine to your face while it reduces extra production of sebum.

    You can also use it as a hair wash to help you get shiny, lustrous hair. Thanks to its tannin that adds lustre to your mane.

    And if you have dandruff, you can use it along with lemon juice to reduce flakes.

    2. Yerba Mate

    yerba mate best tea for skin, best teas for skin

    Also known as mate, yerba mate is great for your skin as it can maintain your youthful, glowing skin. Just like green tea, it’s also loaded with antioxidants.

    As we all know, antioxidants can prevent and repair skin damages as a result of free radicals.

    This tea is made from dried leaves of yerba mate. It’s a plant commonly found in Central and South America.

    It also contains a high amount of caffeine.

    One of the benefits of yerba mate is that it treats your fatigue while it controls your appetite. It also contains tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, such as vitamins B and C, manganese, zinc, and potassium.

    There are skincare products with yerba mate that can clean deep pores, wash away dirt, makeup, and grime.

    You may also find products containing acai berry extract to reduce the appearance of your pores further while they prevent acne.

    3. Chamomile tea

    chamomile tea, best teas for your skin, best tea

    This tea is known for its calming effects. But it’s also popular as a treatment for skin issues when it’s applied topically.

    For several years now, it’s been used to relieve dry and patchy skin, as well as acne. Its anti-inflammatory benefits make it one of the best teas for your skin that can treat eczema and contact dermatitis.

    If you have tired eyes, you can use chamomile tea bags to treat your dark circles. Bee stings and burns can also be alleviated through this tea.

    4. Dandelion tea

    dandelion tea, best tea for skin

    You may have dandelion flowers in your garden. You can find them anywhere as they grow randomly in certain areas. They’re beautiful to look at.

    But did you know they’re also great for your skin?

    Dandelion tea, per se, is an herbal tea that’s quite different from a traditional because of its origin.

    Compared with other teas, dandelion tea contains little amount of caffeine.

    Nutrition wise, however, both traditional and herbal teas offer health benefits.

    Dandelion teas are great for your skin because of their powerful antioxidants content.

    They also have immune-enhancing properties that can help your skin stay hydrated and youthful.

    When you sap the stem of this plant, you’ll see a milky white substance. That material is great for your skin.

    It’s high in alkaline. It has germicidal, fungicidal and insecticidal properties.

    The sap can also be applied on skin itchiness and irritation. It’s also ideal for treating ringworm, psoriasis, and other skin infections.

    5. Rooibos

    roobois tea, best tea for skin

    Also known as red bush tea, rooibos is a highly healthy tea. It’s ideal for tea drinkers who wish to improve their skin’s health.

    It has properties that can fight cancer, asthma, and depression. For its cosmetic benefits, this tea promotes healthier skin as long as you drink it regularly.

    Studies have shown that this tea could treat several skin disorders, especially acne and eczema. Rooibos tea drinkers reported that their skin are healthy, and facial eruptions are reduced when they drink it every day.

    The cosmetic benefits of this tea can be obtained by applying it directly to your skin.

    Unfortunately, there are no studies yet as to what specific components of this tea that make it beneficial for the skin.

    However, scientists believed that the flavonoid content of this tea encouraged the body to attack and destroy unwanted pathogens.

    Rooibos tea is also rich in superoxide dismutase that makes it great in preventing early signs of skin aging. This substance is necessary to produce healthy cells that can guarantee more youthful skin.

    The said substance is also essential in fighting wrinkles while it neutralizes free radicals.

    Because of its skin health benefits, several skincare products are now being developed to fight skin aging.

    Apart from the benefits, rooibos tea is hypoallergenic, and it contains antibacterial properties.

    Final Thoughts

    This list of best teas for your skin isn’t complete. There are plenty more teas that you can use and regularly drink to have healthy skin. But you can start with these five teas.

    Although these teas are beneficial to your skin and overall health, it’s important to remember that consuming it excessively can cause severe adverse effects to your body. That said, it’s still ideal that you use or drink them in moderation.

    Do you have something to add to this list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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