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  • Beer Drinking – How To Drink Beer While Trying To Lose Weight

    It’s true that beer drinking can offer health benefits. But if you’re trying to lose weight, it might not be the best option to end your day. How can you avoid having a bigger belly with beer?

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    It’s true that beer drinking can offer health benefits. But if you’re trying to lose weight, it might not be the best option to end your day. However, you must keep in mind that drinking a glass or two won’t automatically make you gain some extra pounds. Instead, several factors must be considered that may cause unwanted weight gain.

    Factors That May Cause You To Gain Weight Through Drinking Beer

    1. Fat burning ability will be reduced.

    Drinking beer will cause your liver to work hard metabolizing the alcohol, rather than focusing on burning fat cells. With this process, Columbia University coined the term fat sparing, which means your body spares the fat from being metabolized as it’s busy processing the alcohol first.

    2. Gain weight through its empty calories.

    If you don’t burn the calories you consume daily, you’ll surely gain weight. And a single bottle of beer has empty calories. This means that it’ll make you full for a shorter period of time. Then, after a few minutes of drinking this beverage, you’ll ask for more.

    Keep in mind that an average beer has 146 calories with 13 grams of carbohydrates. Light beer has approximately 99 calories. But some brands contain more than 200 calories per serving. And if you consume it on a regular basis without performing regular exercise, it’ll surely lead to weight gain.

    3. Craving for more food.

    As previously mentioned, the empty calories of beer can cause you to ask for more. Another reason is the fact that this alcoholic beverage stimulates your appetite. The snacking and the eating while drinking beer can negatively affect your weight.

    Furthermore, this beverage will also lower your inhibitions. This means that you’ll eat foods that you don’t normally eat. As a result, you’ll surely stray further from your weight loss plan.

    But the main question of many beer drinkers is this: Will it cause beer belly?

    The definite answer for this is no. It doesn’t directly cause the extra fats around your belly. But it can contribute to the weight gain.

    How should you drink beer even if you’re trying to lose weight?

    1. Drink in moderation

    Make sure that you don’t consume more than a glass of it every day.

    2. Don’t drink it faster

    Allow your liver to process it first when it enters your system. In this way, it can avoid building up of alcohol in your bloodstream.

    3. Alternate beer with non-alcoholic drinks

    It’ll slow down your drinking while limiting the amount of calories you consume.

    4. Eat a healthy snack before you go out

    If you’re planning to go and drink this beverage with your friends, make sure that you’ve eaten a healthy snack or meal. In this way, you’ll less likely to spell disaster to your weight.

    5. Consume healthy diet and regular exercise

    When you can’t stop yourself from drinking it, make sure that you’re consuming a healthy diet and performing a regular exercise. In that way, your body’s metabolism won’t be interfered.


    Drinking beer has several health benefits. True. But other healthy drinks have those benefits too, even more. So, choose a healthier drink instead. That is, if you’re really serious about losing weight.

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