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  • Barack Obama Workout Tips That PNoy Should Consider

    Barack Obama is one of the fittest politicians in the US. How long does he workout? What can you learn from his fitness routine? Learn them here.

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    Barack Obama Health and Fitness Routine

    Barack Obama Workout Tips That PNoy Should Consider

    Barack Obama Workout Tips That PNoy Should Consider

    Unlike our President Benigno Aquino III who doesn’t have a fit body (and he smokes), Barack Obama and his wife are considered to be the fittest first couple. It’s no wonder they inspire millions of people in the world to move more by exercising.

    Barack Obama workout

    Despite his hectic schedules, the President can manage to include workouts in his daily activities. His wife, Michele, works out at 4 in the morning to help start her day right.

    You can see on the President’s washboard abs how serious he is about maintaining good health and improving metal alertness. The President considers his workout time as a time for him to relax and reduce stress, instead of smoking cigars like….

    Barack Obama health

    In addition to basketball, Barack loves his treadmill workouts. He also includes weight training in his routine. For six days a week, he devotes 45 minutes of his time to work out. He alternates between strength training and cardio work outs. Whenever he has time, he plays basketball.

    Do you want sculpted arms?

    Learn from the President. He works out his triceps through lying triceps, shoulder presses and overhead dumbbell extension. Oh, and don’t forget the lying triceps presses.

    The President thinks that young people are devoting some of their time to help them fit. However, when they reach the age of 40, that passion dies.

    Just like women, men’s body becomes more susceptible to various diseases, including arthritis, stroke and cancer. In order to prevent these diseases, it’s important to work out to maintain proper functioning of the internal organs. And Barack Obama knows these facts.

    Barack Obama Diet

    The President understands the importance of a balanced diet in maintaining a healthy body. He dumped junk foods and other unhealthy food items from his list. He only eats fiber-rich foods, like vegetables, fruits, chicken, and lean meat.

    He emphasizes on eating protein-rich food to help him with his workout routine. And we all know how such food can help with weight loss.

    Barack Obama and his busy schedule

    As the President of the United States of America, every person around him fights for his time. But he asks his staff to give him his workout time to make him more productive at work.

    It was reported that Barack spent 90 minutes each day for 48 days straight in the gym during his presidential bid and after winning the election.

    To help him clear his head, he makes use of his workout time as his “alone” time. Thus, you rarely find him working out with other people.

    Is he obsessed about working out?

    Barack Obama isn’t obsessed about his workout routine. Rather, he’s only following the US Department of Health and Human Services guidelines that adults should have at least 2 ½ hours a week of performing aerobic physical activity.

    The exercise program should include cardio exercises and strengthening routines. Thus, you must not only focus on running, brisk walking or walking but you must also include weight lifting and other strength training programs.

    Is the exercise program of Obama excessive? Based on the guidelines, it’s not. In fact, people should follow his routine to have a healthy body. I hope PNoy will do that too. But first he needs to quit smoking.


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