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  • Bacteria Influence Brown Fat to Promote Weight Loss – Hail Akkermansia

    A new study showed that gut bacteria change when the mice are exposed to cold. What’s the bacterial strain that the scientists found? How it can help in promoting weight loss?

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    Bacteria Influence Brown Fat to Promote Weight Loss – Hail Akkermansia

    Here’s good news to those who are still struggling to lose weight. A new study showed that certain bacteria influence brown fat to promote weight loss.

    White Fat and Brown Fat

    We’re all familiar with white fat.

    It’s a type of fat found under our skin.

    It stores calories and extra energy.

    Brown fat, on the other hand, burns off extra calories by generating heat, thereby, causing weight loss.

    Animals and humans develop more brown fat during cold weather.

    But a new study showed that gut bacteria change when the mice are exposed to cold. The change is sufficient to burn fat and to develop more brown fats, so mice can lose more weight.

    Within the duration of the study, the researchers placed a group of mice in a climate chamber. In there, the temperature grew cold and colder.

    To act as a control group, another group of mice is put in a room temperature.

    Throughout the month, the scientists collected feces from both groups as samples.

    When the mice got colder, they’ve lost weight.

    Once their bodies adapted to the coldness, they stopped losing weight.

    After the mice were exposed to cold, certain bacteria in their intestine dramatically changed.

    The team of researchers postulated that this bacterial shift was the reason mice were losing weight.

    Bacterial Strain

    Akkermansia muciniphila is the gut bug that caused the mice to lose weight.

    But this isn’t the first time said bug might play a significant role in losing weight.

    In June, another study was conducted and the researchers found that those obese adults who had higher levels of this bug had better clinical measures after undergoing a diet.

    If you have lower levels of this strain in your body, it will cause your body to absorb the calories from your food, which can play a role in your obesity problem.

    Okay, so before we’re going to see some weight loss shakes with Akkermansia in it, more research is needed.

    While you’re waiting for your body to burn more fats and pray that you have more Akkermansia in your gut, you shouldn’t forget about exercise.

    Besides following a healthy diet, it’s also important that you burn calories through a regular exercise to increase lean body mass.

    Then, you should eat enough so you won’t sabotage your weight loss goals. Slashing huge amount of calories will help you shed pounds.

    But doing so will also cut back on energy which may negatively affect your metabolism.

    Skipping meals is also a no-no when you’re losing weight. This can lead to overeating later in the day. That said, it’s best to schedule spaced meals and snacks. It will avoid crashing your energy levels.

    Remember, a quick fix won’t last longer.

    To maintain your weight loss results, you should follow a regimen that you can stick to for weeks, months or years.

    Opt to eat a healthy diet and choose high-quality foods with high-fiber content, like nuts and avocados.

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