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  • Asthma Allergy: Prevention Tips

    Here are some preventive ways to stop asthma allergy attacks. Learn why salmon is ideal for asthma sufferers.

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    Asthma allergy cases are increasing, not just in developed countries, but also in third-world nations. One of the reasons for this is that kids’ immune system does not learn to respond appropriately because they are not exposed to dirt and germs the same way as the earlier generations were exposed. 

    Is Allergic Asthma Curable

    Unfortunately, there is no treatment for it. But there are ways to prevent an asthma attack. 

    Remove Allergens from Your House 

    When you allergy-proof your house, you are removing detectable allergens from your homes. In the US, over a third of homes were reported to have high levels of mouse allergens. The rate is high enough to cause an asthma attack. 

    The higher the allergen lives in your house, the higher the chances of you and your kids to have asthma allergy. 

    Ways to Remove Mouse Allergens: Allergic Asthma Home Remedies 

    Mop Floor Every Day 

    If you have this condition, it is no longer sufficient to sweep the floor. Mouse urinary proteins could be on your kitchen floors. They can trigger an asthma attack. To remove those urinary proteins, you should wash the floors by damp-mopping them. 

    Seal All Holes and Cracks

    These holes and cracks could be found in the walls and doors, or window frames. A mouse can easily enter in those points. If the cracks are too large, you may choose to stuff them with steel wool. It could repel any pests. 

    Tips to Remove Cockroach Allergens: Allergy Induced Asthma Home Remedies 

    A cockroach is known to trigger asthma symptoms. There are many ways to remove cockroach allergens. 

    For instance, if you have open boxes of food, store them in the fridge and not in a pantry. 

    Make a natural spray that can repel cockroaches. Simply mix 60 ml of eucalyptus for every 400 ml of water. Then, use it around the kitchen, around the water pipes and outside. Just spray it anywhere where you think cockroaches are gaining entry. 

    If you have seen the insects, spray a layer of boric acid in that area. Or you may choose to use poisoned bait. It is a mixture of cocoa, boric acid, flour, ground oats and plaster of Paris. Each time you kill a cockroach through this mixture, 20 more cockroaches will die after eating the poisoned feces. 

    Lose Weight 

    It is one of the natural allergic asthma treatments that asthma sufferer might not have considered. If you gained a few kilos, your asthma could be harder to control. It may have something to do with the inflammatory chemicals that the fat cells release. 

    Scientists are studying the effects of weight loss on allergic asthma cough

    Is Allergic Asthma Dangerous 

    It can be dangerous if they result in a life-threatening response or anaphylaxis. If you encounter severe symptoms, make sure to go to the emergency room: 

    -Chest tightness

    -Problems breathing

    -Shortness of breath 


    If you have one or some of these serious symptoms, they could mean that your airway is swelling causing you to have difficulty breathing. In this case, you need emergency medical treatment. 

    Asthma Treatment 

    There is no known medical treatment for asthma. But you can prevent asthma symptoms from occurring. 

    Use Hypoallergenic Mattress

    This type of mattress does not only reduce dust mites in beds but it also allows kids with asthma to reduce the dose of inhaled steroids. You may also opt to use hypoallergenic pillow covers

    Eat Salmon Twice a Week

    Adults who consume oily fish once a week were less likely to have an asthma attack than those who only ate it less often. One of the reasons is that this fish has anti-inflammatory benefits. Asthma, per se, is an immune system disease. It causes immune cells to overreact to trigger resulting in inflammatory chemicals to narrow your airways. 

    Avoid Traffic 

    Diesel exhaust can also cause severe problems for sufferers of asthma allergy. If you walk in a busy street, you are reducing your lung capacity. Exhaust from trucks and buses can increase inflammation because of the tiny particles of dust in the exhaust. You breathe those particles into the lungs and they are absorbed into your blood. 

    How to Cure Asthma Naturally and Permanently 

    As mentioned earlier, there is no cure for asthma allergy. However, you can prevent the allergic asthma symptoms from occurring. 

    Your diet may also help. Experts recommend eating foods high in vitamin E, like sardines, egg yolks, nuts, and wheat germ. You should also eat food high in zinc. Examples would be red meat and shellfish. 

    And as mentioned earlier, make sure to include fatty fish in your diet. It is especially true if you are pregnant. By getting these healthy fats during pregnancy, you are reducing your unborn child’s risk of asthma. But do not eat fish sticks because they can increase the risk of an asthma attack. The reason for this is that they contain inflammatory trans fats. (Click this link to know the reasons you must aviod trans fats.)


    Asthma allergy has no cure. But you can prevent the symptoms by removing all allergens from your house. Then, ensure that you eat the right food, especially salmon. 

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