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  • An 8 Year-Old Girl Has Breast Cancer – What Type of Breast Cancer Does She Have?

    Breast cancer can hit young girls, too. Just like what happened to this eight-year-old girl. Find out what type of cancer she has and how to prevent it.

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    An 8 Year-Old Girl Has Breast Cancer – What Type of Breast Cancer Does She Have?

    Breast cancer usually hits older women. It’s the second most common cancer among women. Every year, there are 2,300 cases of this disease in men while there are 230,000 new cases reported in women.

    On Tuesday, the world was surprised with the report of an eight-year-old girl to be suffering from a rare case of breast cancer. ABC News reported about a young girl to have this disease and has been diagnosed earlier this month.

    Her name is Chrissy Turner. She was the one who discovered that something was different with her breast. She told her mother about a lump on her breast, which has been there for a while.

    Secretory Breast Cancer

    An 8 Year-Old Girl Has Breast Cancer – What Type of Breast Cancer Does She Have?

    This type of cancer is extremely rare.

    In fact, it only accounts for less than one percent of breast cancer cases. Good thing is that this tumor can be removed.

    According to Chrissy’s physician, she may need to undergo a simple mastectomy. Her case is treatable and it requires a removal of the breast tissue that has been affected by the cancer.

    This is to prevent the disease from coming back.

    Chrissy is one of the youngest to receive a diagnosis for this disease. But she’s not the youngest.

    How to prevent it?

    Breast cancer, just like other types of cancer, can be prevented and prevention starts with healthy habits. That is, you should limit alcohol while staying to be physically active.

    Limiting your alcohol intake is an ideal way for you to avoid suffering from breast cancer. The more you drink alcohol, the great your risk will be. The recommended intake is less than one drink a day. Small amounts of alcohol can easily increase your risk.

    Smoking won’t only cause lung cancer, but it’s also a contributing factor to breast cancer. This is particularly true to premenopausal women. Quitting this habit is the best thing that you can do to avoid it and have an excellent overall health.

    Controlling your weight will also help. Being overweight will only increase your risk of having this disease. This is especially true if obesity happens later in your life, i.e. after menopause.

    Being active is another way to prevent this disease. There’s no need for you to sign up for a gym membership. Being physically active means that you need to involve in moderate aerobic activity. A 75-minute walk per day is ideal. Then, choose to perform strength training twice a week to give your exercise a variety.

    Limiting hormone therapy is also another great way to prevent breast cancer. If you’re taking it for more than five years, be sure to talk to your doctor about other options. Your case might be manageable without non-hormonal therapies. The use of low-dose may also work. But make sure that you continue monitoring with your doctor.

    Following a healthy diet is also a must to prevent breast cancer occurrence. One great example is the Mediterranean diet. It’s a type of diet that focuses on plant-based foods.


    The doctor of Chrissy didn’t properly explain how the young girl caught it. No one could explain it. But this is just a reminder that anyone can be hit by this deadly disease.


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