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  • Adele’s Weight Loss Secret – What Did She Give Up?

    Adele’s weight loss secret is giving up tea. What’s in her tea that made her gain weight? And how she lost significant of weight now?

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    Adele’s Weight Loss Secret – What Did She Give Up?

    Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or popularly known as Adele, is known for her voluptuous body. Lately, however, we noticed her new trim figure. What’s Adele’s weight loss secret?

    According to, Adele’s weight loss secret is giving up tea.

    During her past interviews, she admitted drinking 10 cups of tea every day. Although tea is beneficial to one’s health, Adele’s habit wasn’t healthy.

    Not at all.

    That’s because she added two spoonfuls of sugar per cup, making it 20 spoonfuls of sugar per day.  

    What’s not clear is if she’s still drinking tea without sugar or she has completely stopped drinking tea.

    Regardless, she has indeed lost a significant amount of weight since her comeback.

    Apart from tea, she also gave up drinking alcoholic beverages and she now opts to eat a healthy diet.

    It’s not surprising that she had a bigger figure before. Having 20 spoonfuls of sugar per day is three times more than the RDA.

    Sugar Effects

    As we all know, sugar causes energy crashes.

    It can also raise your cholesterol levels, cause bad teeth and destroy your metabolism.

    The high amount of sugar can also cause obesity.

    That said, cutting down your sugar intake can surely make a difference. You can still take tea but opt for no sugar.

    Or ditch soda and replace it with water.

    How to cut sugar from your everyday diet?

    When you read food labels, ensure that sugar isn’t on top of the list.

    If it is, don’t buy it.

    Bear in mind that ingredients are usually listed according to how much they exist in the product. If sugar is on top, it’s a warning sign.

    You should also look out for sugar replacements, like syrup, sucrose, sweeteners and molasses.

    Sugar in Disguise

    Just because there’s no sugar in your food doesn’t mean it’s free of sugar. Remember that sugar can hide under other names, like maltose, galactose, dextrose and maltodextrin, among others.

    Two of the worst types of sugar are refined and processed fructose. The latter offers the worse health impacts than the latter.

    Refined sugar doesn’t provide pure energy.

    In other words, it’s empty calories.

    No nutrition.

    If you don’t use up the calories through exercise, they’ll be stored as fat. And this is what happens when you eat 30 teaspoons of refined sugar per day.

    You just can’t burn it all.

    To prevent weight gain, you need to walk five miles just to burn off the calories you’ve consumed from eating one Snickers bar.

    Then, if you have the habit of drinking soda per day, you need to walk an hour each day to avoid weight gain.

    When you consider how sugar can add weight to your body, it’s easy to see why obesity is rising.

    For most of us, the key to losing weight is to restrict carb intake.

    To lose more weight, you should eliminate sweetened beverages or fruit juices.

    The only beverage that you should consume is pure water.

    Once you eliminate sugars from your diet, you should replace them with vegetables and healthy fats.

    In other words, you must start eating real food. As for Adele, she hasn’t given up treats completely. But at least, she tried eliminating sugary tea from her diet. Kudos!

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