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  • How to Achieve Weight Loss Goals in a Healthy Way

    A guide to achieving your weight loss goals in a way that is healthy and practical.

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    How to Achieve Weight Loss Goals in a Healthy WayWeight loss has become a full blooming industry in the modern era. The necessity to look good all the time is a great motivation for people trying to lose weight. With social media becoming a big part of our lives, we are driven to look our best for the next selfie and have a great beach body for the summer.

    While the celebrities and fitness gurus on TV and the Internet fascinate us, many of us have been somewhat unsuccessful in losing weight. Let alone getting the perfect, toned bodies that we fascinate about.

    Weight loss seems like an impossible task. Most of us give up halfway through and revert to the same routines that caused our weight gain in the first place. That is why almost 68 percent of the population is facing conditions like obesity, heart diseases, and high cholesterol.

    I can tell you from experience that weight loss is not a myth. It is very much achievable, but only if you take the right steps towards losing weight. Here’s a guide to a healthy and practical weight loss journey.

    Get in the Head Space

    The first point where most of us lose the weight loss battle is the state of mind. We often start our weight loss regimes without really considering what we should and shouldn’t do or how we should go about losing weight. The first thing that you have to do is tell yourself that you have to lose weight.

    You have to prepare your body for whatever diet or exercise regime you’re going to put yourself through. This way you’re mentally prepared to face all the difficulties that you’re going to face during the weight loss process. Most often, people don’t really think it through and give up their efforts the first chance they get. The risk of doing that has to be reduced. You have to prepare yourself, set yourself a goal, and decide that you have to achieve it.

    How to Achieve Weight Loss Goals in a Healthy Way

    Do the Math

    So many experts generalize your body type and give an outline of the things you can do to reduce weight based on the body type category you fit into. Remember that your body is like your DNA or your fingerprint. The tips you find may be helpful but they’re not guaranteed to help you lose weight.

    When you embark on a weight loss journey, you should start by crunching some numbers and make some serious observations about your current lifestyle. Find out your weight, calculate your Body Mass Index, count the calories that you’re consuming every day, compute the calories you should be consuming and burning every day, and figure out your ideal height. All these calculations can be made with the help of online BMI calculators and calories counters.

    Once you have calculated these numbers, your goals get numeric value which you can achieve. This helps in making the weight loss process practical. My recommendation is to aim for healthy weight limit on the BMI scale rather that the “underweight” limit.

    Determine Your Limits

    When you have calculated your BMI, your ideal weight, and set a numeric figure to your weight loss process, the next step is to define your limits. I can tell you from personal experience that it is not necessary that what works for your friend will work out for you. What you should do for weight loss is your own determination to make.

    You might just lose weight by working out thrice a week or you may not lose weight with exercise at all. You may or may not lose weight with going on a diet. You may not lose weight by simply just working out or going on a diet. You can only lose weight by doing both. These are the things that you have to see for yourself.

    You have to see what suits your body. Is going on a diet suitable for your body? Is working out every day going to benefit in your weight loss? Do you only need to work out or diet? Once you have made these determinations, it will be easier to formulate a plan for your weight loss. The numbers you have crunched help you find out how many calories you must intake, how many you should burn, and how much weight you need to lose to reach your ideal weight.

    How to Achieve Weight Loss Goals in a Healthy Way

    Change Your Lifestyle

    You will come across so many weight loss stories on the Internet. People have different motivations to lose weight. Someone wants to look better, someone wants to improve their lifestyle, someone just wants to fit into their wedding dress, and someone’s life depends on losing weight.

    The one common theme you’re going to find out in all these stories is that they changed their lifestyle for weight loss. That means that you have to change the food you eat, the time you sleep, the time you spend sitting in front of your TV, and giving up your favorite junk food for healthier options. Weight loss requires sacrifice and if you’re not willing to sacrifice your current lifestyle that caused your weight gain in the first place, you are not losing weight, period.

    You have to improve the quality of food that you’re eating, give up the food items that have been contributing to your weight gain, and get up and exercise. Because without effort, you’re not losing one pound.

    Concentrate on Your Methods

    Changing your lifestyle does not mean that you make drastic changes. Your body cannot handle drastic changes in a short span of time. You are likely to get sick if you try that. The best way to change your lifestyle is gradually transitioning into weight loss methods. You can start with:

    • Slowly substituting your food with healthier and nutritious options, e.g. taking bran bread instead of white flour bread, start eating celery sticks with yogurt dressing instead of chips and ketchup, substituting honey for sugar etc.
    • Starting with fifteen minutes of exercise. You can increase the time by one minute every day. This way you allow your body to get accustomed to exertion.
    • Allowing yourself an occasional treat.

    By following these guidelines, you allow your body to get accustomed to these changes. It also gives you some head space to grow into your new lifestyle which makes it harder to give up.

    It Takes Time

    The most important advice that I can give you about weight loss is patience. If you want to lose weight in the healthiest way possible, you have to wait. Patience is key in losing weight.

    Any miracle exercise regime or diets that you think can help you lose weight quickly are not healthy. They will cause weakness and fatigue and you are likely to get ill. The healthiest possible weight loss strategy is to do it nice and slow. When you lose weight slowly and gradually, you’re more likely to maintain your healthy weight.

    Weight loss is not just a mindless and mechanical process. It requires your effort, time and patience. If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, then following these guidelines is sure to help you.

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