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  • A1 Slim Contains Banned Ingredients That Could Raise Blood Pressure

    Here are the three banned ingredients found in A1 Slim weight loss supplement.

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    A1 Slim Contains Banned Ingredients That Could Raise Blood Pressure

    Do you use A1 Slim? Or did you buy A1 Slim online? If you did, then don’t use it. It’s known to contain banned ingredients that could increase your blood pressure.

    Recently, Kiriko, LLC announced a recall of A1 Slim, a dietary supplement that aims to help users in losing weight. The product is said to have three dangerous substances, but they’re not on the product’s label.

    During the press release, the company revealed that it only discovered about the tampering when the US FDA made a test. However, it failed to state what prompted the government agency to test A1 Slim.

    Despite the product containing banned ingredients, the company said that it didn’t receive reports from people getting hurt or sick as a result of taking it.

    What are those banned ingredients in A1 Slim?


    It’s an appetite suppressant and a weight loss drug, at the same time. You can find this ingredient in Meridia, New You and Reductil.

    But, in 2010, it was pulled from the market because it could increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. It’s especially true for patients with a history of a cardiovascular problem.

    Currently, sibutramine is one of the ingredients used illegally in weight loss supplements.


    It’s known as a laxative. However, in the mid-1990s, scientists discovered that it contained carcinogens. Thus, in 1999, the FDA reclassified it as not safe and effective.

    N-desmethyl sibutramine

    This ingredient is an active metabolite of sibutramine.

    All of these ingredients can’t be used legally.

    A1 Slim is available in stores and order through the mail. If you have one, you should look at its white plastic bottle. Its UPC is A105212014. If you have one in your possession, you must return it to the store where you purchase it.

    What to use instead?

    If you wish to lose weight, try to achieve it naturally.

    You must add protein to your diet plan. When your body digests or metabolizes protein, it also burns calories. Thus, it makes sense to have a high-protein diet to increase your metabolism.

    Furthermore, a high-protein diet can reduce your appetite because it makes you feel more full. People who are on this kind of diet eat more than 400 fewer calories a day.

    In addition to protein, make sure that you consume whole foods because they don’t contain added fats, sugar and processed. Because whole foods are very filling, they can make it easier for you to maintain a healthy calorie limit.

    Plus, whole foods can provide your body with the vital nutrients that your body needs to function well.

    That said, avoid processed foods. They’re high in sugars, fats, and calories. Furthermore, they’re engineered to ensure that you eat more. Thus, they can be addictive.

    To avoid processed foods, it’s ideal that you only stock up on healthy foods. When you just have healthy foods in your fridge or pantry, you’re not likely to eat unhealthy foods. These foods options can include whole nuts, carrots, and eggs, among others.

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