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  • A Red Wine Ingredient Might Prevent Depression (Study)

    Red wine might be the answer to your depression and anxiety symptoms. Find out what compound it contains that can offer protection.

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    women drinking red wine and smiling knowing that the wine can protect them from depression and anxiety

    Stop drinking red wine, some health experts said. But this new study would make them change their mind. It turned out red wine has a certain ingredient that could protect you from anxiety and depression symptoms. 

    The Latest Study About Red Wine Ingredient and Depression 

    In a new study, researchers found that a plant compound in red wine could protect the drinker from symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

    The compound is known as resveratrol and it is high in the skin and seeds of peanuts, berries, and grapes. The study revealed that it has plenty of benefits to the human body. 

    The research also showed that resveratrol contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It could also have some properties that could treat diabetes, cancer, and polycystic ovary syndrome. 

    Researchers stated that resveratrol could be effective drug treatment for patients with anxiety and depression. 


    When the researchers injected high doses of resveratrol to rodents that are full of corticosterone, the hyper anxious mice were in high spirits.

    How Many Resveratrol Used 

    The rodents were injected with 10 mg of resveratrol per kilogram of body weight. It means that if you are 200 pounds, you would need to drink more than 445 glasses of red wine. 

    Such an amount could have deadly consequences. 

    Thus, it is not a panacea for depression. Despite that, red wine, when taken in moderation, could prevent any coronary heart disease. With its antioxidant effects, it could increase your good cholesterol. 

    Stress Hormone Corticosterone

    As mentioned earlier, the rodents were injected with full corticosterone. An excessive amount of this hormone could cause anxiety and depression symptoms. The compound releases the body in response to stress. 

    In that case, if you are feeling relaxed after drinking a glass of pinot noir, then you got to thank the said plant compound. It alleviates extreme stress while offsetting serious mental health issues. 

    Can You Take Grape Juice Instead of Red Wine 

    They both contain resveratrol, the protective compound. 

    However, the wine undergoes fermentation. It is a process that allows resveratrol to be readily absorbed by your body. 

    On the other hand, if you are not into drinking wine, consider drinking organic juices. The pesticide used in keeping vines healthy will make the grapes produce less of resveratrol. 

    Alternatives to Red Wine for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

    There are other ways to fight depression without drinking red wine or grapes. 

    Eat Right 

    Junk foods are known to aggravate mental health symptoms. Stop eating them and focus on eating the right food. 

    These food options would include dark leafy greens. They are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. 

    Spinach, swiss chard, and kale are great examples. Leafy green vegetables can fight any type of inflammation. 

    In one study, researchers found that severe depression is linked to brain inflammation. Leafy greens contain lots of vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as mineral and phytochemicals. 

    Walnuts, too, are perfect in fighting against depression. (The link will lead you to a post about the many health benefits of walnuts in preventing and fighting diabetes. Check it out.) They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which promote brain function and lower depression symptoms. 

    And don’t forget avocado. The oleic acid in it can boost your brain function. 

    Of course, you need to add exercise to your daily routine. 

    Some supplements may also help in combating anxiety and depression symptoms. 

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