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  • 7 Ways To Avoid Mosquitoes and Their Bites

    Do you hate being bitten by mosquitoes? Learn the natural ways to avoid mosquito bites. Clue. Treat your smelly feet.

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    Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites

    Mosquito bites are harmless. But they’re annoying, especially when you’re trying to have an evening cookout with your family and those mosquitoes can’t stop following you. Then, you notice that your family members are unfazed by these mosquitoes. Is it because mosquitoes prefer to nibble you over others? Who are the types of people that mosquitoes love to bite? Can you use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bites? These are some of the questions you may have in your mind right now while you’re dealing with swarm of mosquitoes inside your house.

    Here are some facts about mosquitoes that let you avoid their itchy bites.

    7 Ways To Avoid Mosquitoes and Their Bites

    They love it when you sweat.

    Mosquitoes may prefer certain blood to suck. They’re drawn by the scent of your blood. However, it’s not really your sweet blood they’re attracted to. Rather, it’s the carbon dioxide that you exhale that makes them pull towards you. As you breathe harder, the more they’re attracted to you because of the carbon dioxide you are releasing.

    This is one of the reasons you are more prone to mosquito bites after a jog or a strenuous exercise that caused you to sweat profusely. One thing that you can do is to take a shower after working out.

    Because mosquitoes are attracted to CO2, you must also avoid being a wallflower in a party. A huge mass of carbon dioxide is what they like. And it’s easier for them to attack those people who are on the fringe, rather than those who are in the center. So, go and dance on the center floor to avoid mosquito bites after the party.

    They love biting pregnant women.

    Yup. Pregnant women are considered yummy, at least for these pesky mosquitoes. Pregnancy causes you to emit more carbon dioxide. And as previously mentioned, mosquitoes are attracted to CO2. Another reason they’re drawn to pregnant women is the fact that their abdominal area has higher temperature. And some mosquitoes like biting on warmth skin.

    Well, you can’t control your breathing or having warmth body. The best thing that you can do to avoid mosquito bites while pregnant is to just stay away from places where mosquitoes thrive.

    They love smelly feet.

    All of us abhor smelly feet. They’re obnoxious. But mosquitoes love it. Scientists did observe that mosquitoes tend to swarm in areas where stinky stocks are found. For these parasites, smelly feet are alluring making them more prone to bites. Even though mosquitoes love biting your hands, which, by the way, are mosquitoes’ favorite part of the human body, they are attracted to stinky feet.

    To avoid mosquito bites when you have smelly feet, you must treat it. It’s not only to prevent yourself from being the main food of these parasites but it’s also for the benefit of your family members who can no longer take your feet’s odor each time you remove your socks. Go and visit a doctor to help you get a treatment. It could be athlete’s foot. Or you can just use foot deodorant to avoid smelly feet, thereby, evading the bites of mosquitoes.

    They love thriving in overgrown vegetation.

    Mosquitoes are fond of thick vegetation. In fact, the darker they are, the more humid your garden, the better environment for these mosquitoes.

    To get rid of these mosquitoes, you must mow your lawn regularly. Trim the bushes. Clean the pool. A well-tended garden, front yard or backyard isn’t pleasing for them. Throw away stagnant water as it’s a great place for them to lay their eggs. Don’t provide these mosquitoes humid, dark environment so they won’t stay and wait for you to come out.

    They love people who drink beer.

    When you drink beer, your body chemistry changes. And this is exciting for mosquitoes. Beer drinkers are prone to mosquito bites. Your spouse may not recognize that you’ve been drinking, but mosquitoes can. It’s crazy. As soon as you drink your first bottle, your body chemistry starts to change luring mosquitoes in.

    They want you to use repellent without DEET.

    This is because a repellent without DEET is just nothing for them. They will still continue biting you no matter what. However, if you use a repellent containing DEET and picarin, they’ll surely hate you for it. This is because this type of repellent has the ability to block receptors in your body that allow these mosquitoes to track you down. Thus, if they are obstructed, they won’t find you. They will also hate you when you apply repellents with lemon eucalyptus and IR3535.

    The next time you purchase a mosquito repellent to avoid bites, you must try obtaining products with those ingredients to make them more effective.

    They love people with excess acids in the body.

    Uric acids and other acids can trigger the sense of smell of mosquitoes. As a result, they are drawn toward you when you have excessive amount of them. But these parasites’ sense of smell is amazing. They can already smell you even you’re 50 meters away from them.

    They’re also attracted to you if you have high amount of steroids or cholesterol on your skin’s surface. Experts couldn’t find an explanation to this but the byproducts of these elements that remain on the surface of your skin may have caused them to pull toward you.


    Mosquitoes have been around for millions of years. They also develop into more than 175 species and they continue to evolve. It means that they’re not going to depart any time soon. That said, you can’t kill all of them. In other words, you can’t win against their population. However, you can always minimize their impact and avoid their itchy bites. When you avoid what they love, you can prevent them from biting you and annoy you while having fun with your friends outside. If you’re out, don’t run around and emit too much carbon dioxide as mosquitoes love them. Clean your garden and treat your smelly feet. Avoid sweating out when you’re in a place where mosquitoes thrive. Most of all, use a DEET repellent to keep them away from you.


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