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  • 7 Reasons You Must Lose Weight For Your Sex Life

    Do you want to improve your sex life? Lose weight. Here are some reasons weight loss is great at improving your sex act.

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    Lose Weight To Improve Sex Life

    Don’t let your extra pounds in your body prevent you from having great sex this Valentine’s Day. You can improve your overall sex life by losing weight.

    Did you know that obesity is one of the reasons men and women have sexual dysfunction and hormonal imbalance problems? According to research, erectile dysfunction, the lack of libido and other sex-related problems could be caused by obesity.

    Obese men, for instance, are more likely to suffer from ED because the extra fats prevent blood from flowing to penis causing issues with erection. Research showed that losing little amount of extra weight can resolve this condition.

    What are the other reasons losing weight can improve your sex life?

    1. Improve libido

    7 Reasons You Must Lose Weight For Your Sex Life

    The lack of sex drive is linked to hormonal imbalance. And hormonal imbalances could be caused by obesity. As a result, you’ll have lower sexual desire. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman.

    Furthermore, increased body fat cause production of more sex hormone binding globulins (SHBG), which is a chemical that binds to testosterone. If there is an increased amount of SHBG, there’ll be less sex hormone left to manage the demands of having a normal sexual desire.

    What can you do to your hormonal imbalance to improve sexual desire?

    You can regulate your hormones by engaging in physical activities and eating a healthy diet. When your hormones are balanced, especially the sex hormones, you’ll feel great about yourself. Your desire for sex will also increase causing you to be easily aroused during sex. No need to watch an adult film, eh?

    2. Enhance stamina

    7 Reasons You Must Lose Weight For Your Sex Life

    Sex requires energy, right? And if you don’t have energy, you’ll likely to stop in the middle of the action. This is especially true if you have extra weight in your body. By trying to lose weight, you’ll feel more energized. You’ll have better stamina to handle sex for longer periods of time.

    What that means to your sex life? And body weight?

    And if you have longer sex, you’ll burn more calories. Keep in mind that an hour of sex can burn around 150 calories. If you have stamina in bed, you can use sex as your workout to stay in shape and keep your weight off. Let’s have more sex then?

    3. Make penis look bigger

    Some men who are obese suffer from a buried penis syndrome. It’s a condition when a man’s penis looks smaller because of abdominal fat and skin. Essentially, it makes the penis appear buried at times. This can seriously hinder you to have better sex with your sexy wife. If you want your penis to appear bigger (larger), then lose some weight and get rid of those abdominal fats and extra skin that bury your knob.

    Is buried penis syndrome the same as micropenis?

    But don’t get confused with micropenis, a congenital disorder. This condition makes an erect penis measures only 3 inches. If you have this condition, your erect penis won’t get any bigger, even though you’ve lost tons of weight.

    4. Engage in more sex positions

    When you and your partner are fat, it makes it difficult for you to achieve sexual climax. Worse, it can make it harder for you to make coitus. If you’re a woman and your male partner is fat, then it’d be challenging to do the popular missionary position. And if both of you are obese, then it’ll be taxing to achieve proper penetration because of the extra fat within the abdominal area.

    You may do the rear entry style but your fat female partner may not be able to endure the long amount of time on her knees.

    What’s the solution?

    Thus, if you want to try better sex positions that can help you achieve real orgasm, you must lose weight. Tell your partner too. However, if you think that you can’t lose that amount of weight before Valentine’s Day, then you and your partner could try modified sex positions designed for obese people.

    5. Improve chances of getting laid

    7 Reasons You Must Lose Weight For Your Sex Life

    Admit it. Our society is judgmental. People judge other people through looks. And if you’re obese, it would be tough to get a sex partner, unless, of course, you’ve a high-paying job or you come from a rich family. If you’re rich and fat, you could still take a Victoria’s Secret model home this Valentine’s Day.

    But if you’re fat and “poor,” then you better start losing weight today and improve your chances of getting laid this Valentine’s Day.

    6. Be comfortable when having sex

    Again, society is judgmental. If you’re fat, your confidence is quite low promoting negative body image. This leads to make you uncomfortable about your skin and have sex, if you’ve been told by your colleagues and other people that you’re ugly because of your extra fat.

    Various studies also showed that obese people are more likely to suffer from depression, which causes a lack of libido and sexual dysfunction. But you can avoid it by losing weight. Start your 1,200-calorie diet now!

    7. Avoid unwanted pregnancies

    7 Reasons You Must Lose Weight For Your Sex Life

    Studies showed that overweight women are four times to have unwanted pregnancies than women with healthy weight. Although researchers could not pinpoint the real reasons for this, experts believed that overweight women have less sex often. That said, they become more adamant to use birth control methods.

    As you begin your weight loss regime, you’ll have sex more often and you’ll realize the importance of a regular birth control.


    I’m not saying that all fat people have problems with their sex lives. It’s just that statistics showed that most obese individuals have those problems mentioned above. Losing weight isn’t only good for your sex life. It’s also great for your overall health. The entire situation can be controlled and it’s only you who can decide whether you want to improve it or not. You can choose to lose weight or remain a fat kid with no sex life. But if you want to get laid and have a better sex life, then try to lose weight. A simple workout in the morning will do. If you’re too lazy to exercise, then try reducing your calorie intake with the help of a shake. No more excuses.  

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