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  • 6 Weight Loss Tips That are Not Effective to Some as They Could Cause Weight Gain

    Here are some weight loss tips that you thought could help you lose weight but they could actually cause weight gain. It would still depend on an individual choice.

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    Weight loss tips are found anywhere, especially those tips that promised to drop pounds fast. Although some pieces of advice are good, other tips could actually make you gain weight.

    So, what are those weight loss tips that you must not follow as they might be the reasons you’re not shedding pounds.

    6 Weight Loss Tips That are Not Effective to Some as They Could Cause Weight Gain


    Eliminate Carbs

    It’s true that eliminating carbs, like bread, rice, baked goods and pasta, would help you drop pounds fast. But you can’t sustain this type of diet, according to a certified dietitian.

    Furthermore, carbs are needed by your body for energy.

    Instead of eliminating them, limit the amount you consume.

    Then, make sure that what you eat is complex carbs, like quinoa and barley.

    Lose Weight Through Cardio Alone

    Doing cardio workout can help you burn more than 200 calories for 30 minutes. But you shouldn’t focus on it alone.

    Instead, include strength training. Gaining muscles will improve your metabolism, thereby, helping you burn more calories.

    Exercise So You Can Eat What You Want

    A 30-minute workout won’t help you burn the pizza and cookies you’ve eaten all day. You will actually gain weight if you eat more calories than what your body can use up as energy.

    Instead, you should practice portion control.

    Weigh Yourself Every Day

    Some fitness experts agree with it while others don’t.

    Jillian Michaels don’t agree with it. In fact, she considers it as a myth. Weighing yourself can sometimes be discouraging because of the weight fluctuations. You may weigh 140 pounds today but tomorrow it will be 138. Then, the next day you’re back to 140 pounds.

    If you’re after with steady but slow weight loss, Jillian recommends weighing yourself once a week.

    However, in a study conducted by Jessica LaRose, Ph.D., it showed that overweight individuals who weighed themselves every day have lost a significant amount of weight and maintained an ideal weight.

    In other words, weighing yourself is an individual choice. If you think that you’ll get discouraged by monitoring your weight every day, then you should consider the “once a week” monitoring. Otherwise, daily weighing might be ideal for your case.

    Skip Meals

    It won’t help you save calories. Rather, it will only cause your body to store fats and use it for energy later on. But if you don’t exercise daily, the stored fat will accumulate making it impossible for you to lose weight.

    Instead of skipping meals, try eating frequently but in a small amount.

    If you do skip meals, you’re more likely to eat junk food to make up for your missed meal. It’s one of the reasons experts recommend to avoid shopping when you’re hungry as it may only result in picking high-calorie options.

    That said, you should never starve yourself.

    Opt for Low Fat

    Foods that are labeled reduced fat or low fat don’t automatically mean they are a healthy choice. Some low-fat options are in fact high in sugar.

    Instead of choosing a low-fat food, try eating healthy fats, such as olive oil and nuts. These healthy fats help in increasing metabolic rate so you will lose more.

    Final Thoughts

    These weight loss tips are effective to some people. It really depends on how your body works. So, choose a weight loss method that can offer you positive effects and help you maintain an ideal weight.

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