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  • 5 Weight Loss Retreats You Can Go To Before the Year Ends

    Would you like to go on vacation but still lose weight? Try one of these weight loss retreats around the world? Expensive? True. But worth it.

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    5 Weight Loss Retreats You Can Go To Before the End of 2015

    Losing weight is not that easy. It can be extremely stressful. As the New Year begins, you will list your resolutions again and one of them is to lose weight. You will hop on juice fast but fail after a week. Have you tried going to some of the weight loss retreats around the world?

    If you have not, then you should. That is, if you are serious about your weight loss goal. Many have already switched their regular holidays for a weight loss retreat.

    Weight loss retreats offer a place where you can cut off all distractions and provide you with individualized fitness and diet plans that can completely change your outlook in life. And of course, your weight.

    The Ranch, Live Oak, Malibu Weight Loss Retreat

    It is one of the toughest boot camp fitness retreats that started in 2010. Staying at this trendy spa would mean no wine, no carbs and no sweets.

    When you sign up for it, you should not fear of spending your week with intense suffering. But not all who come here are into losing weight. Some wanted to simply undergo detox, exercise or escape from their fast-paced lives.

    The Ranch is a 120-acre weight loss retreat which is located three miles above the Pacific Ocean. Each program is designed to detoxify, gain endurance, lose weight and how to keep it off.

    The program does not focus only on the type of food that you must eat but it also includes daily hikes, yoga, core workouts. If you want to join, expect to endure up to 10 hours of exercise.

    But do not worry. You’ll have time for a massage or a nap in-between.

    Now for your diet. You’ll eat up to 1,400 calories a day. And it is always a vegetarian cuisine with ingredients picked from the garden of the Ranch.

    As for the price? The package starts at $5,800.

    Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Retreat

    For most of those who have tried their weight loss program, they considered the experience as the greatest and most life-changing times of their lives. Hilton Head has its own fitness coaches who will give you personalized attention.

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    You’ll have to participate in running, weight training, biking and swimming, and several others.

    The food that they serve tastes good. In here, you will realize that healthy food is as tasteful as your favorite junk foods. And the menu items are fresh and well-prepared by their fitness staff.

    Hilton Head is a gated seaside resort. It offers a three-day weight loss retreat, a weekly fitness program and a nine-month program.

    In addition to exercising and dieting, the retreat house will also provide extra services, like portion control classes, behavioral counseling and other services that may help you lose significant amount of weight.

    Fitness Travel

    If you like exploring a new country while losing weight, then this weight loss retreat is a great place for you.

    The trips included here will include embarking on a week of beach runs, kayaking, and learning how to perform an African dance.

    To make sure that you will lose significant amount of weight, you will have to eat a low-carb, high-protein diet. Your day starts with a fresh juice and you’ll eat raw fruit, vegetables and some fresh seafood.

    You’ll also undergo in-depth personal training. To prepare you for the trip, you’ll receive an email three weeks before your trip.

    Ti Sana in Italy

    This is a family-owned weight loss retreat in north of Milan. Upon arrival, you’ll have to undergo tests to measure your current health and stress levels. Afterward, the staff will develop a customized exercise and nutrition plan to fully optimize your energy while staying here.

    The weight loss program of Ti Sana is ideal for those who can endure extreme dieting to finally get rid of the extra fats but gain muscles. The program aims to reduce other issues that might have inhibited you from achieving your weight loss goals, like poor digestion.

    You can choose between a juice cleanse or a raw food diet.

    Just so be clear here, when you sign up for the program, you should prepare yourself for a week of no caffeine, sugar, flour and other staples. These aren’t allowed in the weight loss retreat.

    However, the fitness experts here can assure that your cravings for those unhealthy foods will disappear after a week of staying here and your energy levels will improve.

    Your daily fitness will include walking around the lake and other exercise classes. You will also have access to the retreat’s beautiful underground spa with healing hydrotherapy from its saline pools.

    When you leave the retreat house, you will receive a personalized diet plan that gives you a step-by-step approach on how to maintain the results you have reached from living in this weight loss retreat.

    The Farm detox in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

    This weight loss retreat focuses on detoxification to enhance your health while it improves your mind and body.

    It is set in the lush vegetation and serene waterfalls. The place is popular for its 250-year old mango tree, which is considered by many to have healing powers in optimizing your health.

    The weight loss program will also include personalized nutrition with fresh and delicious vegan meals and some cleansing treatments. You’ll be given nutritional support and health advice by its resident medical doctors.

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    Its physical activities will include yoga and meditation, not so much about hiking and other extreme exercises. But with these activities, you can be sure that you will return home with a healthier, fitter body and ready to face the new you.

    Is There a Weight Loss Retreat in Davao City?

    There are several retreat houses here in Davao but we can’t locate one that focuses on giving guests some weight loss program.

    Those weight loss retreats that we have mentioned above are mostly located abroad. There are only a few places where this type of program is offered in the Philippines, particularly in Davao City.

    Even if you need to spend more than $5,000 just to go to these weight loss retreats, it is worth your money. You will have a good time while you enjoy losing weight.

    Do you know of a weight loss retreat here in Davao City? Please let us know in the comment’s section below.

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