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  • 5 Things You Must Know About Detox Diet for Weight Loss

    Detox diet is a popular weight-loss plan these days. Thanks to its many advocates. But is it really the kind of plan you must be following? Can you last 24 hours following this diet? Do you really need it to eliminate toxins from your body? How does it work to help you lose weight? This post will help you better understand the role of detox diet in weight loss.

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    Do you really need to undergo a detox diet?

    Detoxifying the body has been practiced for centuries. But do you really need a detox diet? After all, you have liver, colon and kidneys that perform natural detoxification. However, most people who undergo this type of diet are wishing to lose significant amount of weight.

    Does detox diet work in helping you lose weight?

    You’re highly likely to lose weight through a detox diet. The reason for this is that such diet involves foods that are low in calories. However, the idea of your body needing detoxification is illogical, i.e. according to Dr. Frank Sacks from Harvard School of Public Health. For him, no matter what food items you put into your mouth, you have your organs and immune system to handle the detox duties.

    In order for this diet to truly work, you must aim to nourish your body, specifically those organs involved in detox, with the right nutrients.

    What must you eat in a detox diet?

    Before undergoing this type of diet, you must prepare your body by not eating certain foods and drinks that can cause withdrawal reactions. For instance, you must not consume caffeinated drinks a week before to avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms, such as headache and tiredness. Experts recommend decreasing caffeine intake before starting the program.

    Foods to Include

    detox diet

    Fruits. A detox diet involves fresh or frozen fruits. Dried fruits are also accepted, as long as they are unsweetened and are in limited amounts. Examples are dates, raisins, goji berries and cranberries.

    Vegetables. Broccoli, onions, garlic and dark leafy veggies are known to be good eliminators of toxins from the body. Although corn is good too, detox diet advocates recommend avoiding it as it easily forms acid.

    The list also includes some grains, starches, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, oils, etc. Dr. Oz offers samples on how a weekend cleanse will be like. What you can and cannot eat will depend on the type of detox diet you will be following. As previously mentioned, there are plenty of them. Generally, however, detox diet is not a type of program that you can stick with for longer period of time.

    What other things you must know about a detox diet plan?

    Dieting is just part of a body cleanse. You also need to improve your blood circulation by engaging in regular exercise. With the right workout, you will be able to get your blood flowing.

    Another thing that you can do to maximize the benefits of this program is to promote proper elimination of toxins by consuming foods that avert constipation. You can try drinking herbal laxatives, enemas, colonics or simply increase your fluid intake.

    Then, do not forget improving your digestion by providing your intestines with beneficial bacteria. Although a detox diet may help in promoting growth of healthy bacteria, you may need to take in probiotics supplements. Support your liver by providing it with plenty of antioxidants, protein, vitamins and other nutrients that can further improve its detoxifying ability. Herbal teas are also great in helping your body purge accumulated toxins.

    It is also highly recommended that you let your mind and body to rest. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, and Pilates are great mind/body routines.

    What are the potential negative effects of a detox diet?

    One of the negative effects of this type of diet is that you may feel weak and hungry. But the safety of it depends on the diet plan you are following. Feeling dizzy, nausea, vomiting and muscle aches are just few of the negative effects of eating low-calorie diets. However, if you really wish to detoxify your body, you must eat only whole foods, like whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

    Some detox diet plans may recommend purchasing of powders, herbs, pills and other forms of cleaning your colon. Unfortunately, some fad detox diets do not recommend engaging in exercise. If you follow the wrong diet plan, you will surely not need exercise as you do not have the energy for it.


    I’m not against a detox diet as long as it involves whole foods without the requirements of purchasing certain processed foods. But the best thing to cleanse your body is to steer clear of foods that are considered as garbage. Then, get a regular exercise. You’d surely lose weight in no time.

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