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  • 5 Must-Try Natural Weight Loss Remedies or Alternatives to Orlistat (Xenical)

    What are the natural alternatives to orlistat? There is no easy answer for this but here are some natural weight loss remedies that you can try.

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    Are there any natural weight loss remedies that can work better than weight loss medication, such as orlistat? 

    Before I tackle some of those remedies or alternatives to orlistat, let’s take a look at what orlistat does.
    5 Must-Try Natural Weight Loss Remedies or Alternatives to Orlistat (Xenical)

    Orlistat (Xenical) is a medicine usually prescribed to overweight individuals. What it does is that it blocks the fats from being absorbed. The fats in your food will be immediately excreted from the body, ergo, fatty stool.

    But your body can prevent fat from being absorbed without the help of orlistat or any type of prescription medicines. You just need to lower your cortisol levels.

    Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that arises during chronic stress, grief and fear. It’s the same hormone that contributes to your belly fat.

    Testing your thyroid

    In addition to eating lots of veggies, nuts, and meat and drinking more water and tea, you also need to test your thyroid function.

    Having a healthy thyroid is important so your hormones are in balance, including those that are essential in helping you maintain an ideal weight.

    With adequate thyroid hormone, your body can easily burn fats and turn food into energy.

    Natural weight loss supplements

    In terms of natural weight loss supplements, there are tons of them on the market. Besides the ones available at our online shop, here are some that you can also try:

    Avocado Extract

    You may obtain it in capsule, powder or tablet. It’s an appetite suppressant that may help reduce your cravings for carbs. Apart from that, it also enhances the levels of glutathione, which is a liver antioxidant.


    Just like an avocado extract, this amino acid is an appetite suppressant that may also help in regulating thyroid hormones, specifically, those that regulate your metabolism and burn fats.

    When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to find something that can turn calories into energy so that they won’t be stored as fats.

    With its ability to suppress your appetite, tyrosine is often found in many natural weight loss supplements.


    Because of tyrosine’s role in suppressing your appetite, you’ll need to increase its level. One of the amino acids that can help you do that is phenylalanine.

    This amino acid is also useful in the proper release of CCK, which is a compound that triggers satiety hormone that makes you feel full. You must take it before meals so you can reduce your calorie consumption.

    These two amino acids – phenylalanine and tyrosine – work hand in hand to help you obtain your ideal weight.

    However, you must never take a supplement with phenylalanine if you have phenylketonuria.

    Other natural appetite suppressants

    In addition to those mentioned above, you may also try these natural appetite suppressants.

    Cumin. It is a spice that you can easily find at any store. This natural appetite suppressant can be sprinkled on your food.

    Peppermint tea. Drink it with meals to reduce your cravings.

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