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  • 4 Things You Can Learn From Floyd Mayweather Jr To Lose Weight

    Having a great body the same as Floyd Mayweather, Jr. takes a lot of hard work. Learn how he maintains his sculpted boy through these 4 fitness techniques. They can also teach you in losing those extra pounds in your body.

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    Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the toughest boxers in the world. He has yet to be defeated. Many people are saying that it’ll be Manny Pacquiao who’ll be the first person to beat him in squared circle. But we certainly doubt that. We love Manny but he’s not as tough as Floyd.

    4 Things You Can Learn From Floyd Mayweather Jr To Lose Weight



    But what makes Floyd the best boxer ever existed? He’s gifted. It’s true. But he attributed his success to this tireless fitness training regimen. In fact, his workout routine is considered as one of the most rigorous trainings in all professional sports.

    Having a great body the same as Floyd Mayweather, Jr. takes hard work. Here are things you must consider if you want to stay fit and lose those extra pounds.


    1. Strength and conditioning exercises

    Boxers have to undergo these exercises if they want to be the best in the field. You wouldn’t get very far in boxing if you don’t add them to your routine.

    According to his trainers, Floyd is a perfectionist in and out of the gym. His workout routines are closely guarded. He works for hours. He spits his workout routine by going for extensive road work, sparring, jump rope bag and mitt work and resistance training to target his core and neck.

    2. The Right Techniques

    Even if you train as hard as Floyd Mayweather, Jr., you’ll still be defeated inside the ring if you don’t consider skill and technique to help you go to the championship level. In the boxing record, Floyd is one of the best counter-strikers. He’s considered to have expert ring awareness and has the best timing.

    He enhances his skills by working with skilled trainers who constantly work with him to work offensively and defensively. The time he spends training in the gym and mastering those technique are main factors that separate Floyd Mayweather, Jr. from other boxers. Although you don’t need these techniques to help you lose weight and stay fitter, these can give you wonderful insight on how to improve your health.

    3. Sparring

    He devotes himself to sparring sessions. Unlike Manny Pacquiao’s team, Floyd’s coach doesn’t allow the media to film his sparring sessions. But his coach needs to ask him to stop training every now and then to avoid stress not just in his body but also his mind.

    If you follow Floy’s sparring workout routine, you’ll surely lose tons of fats from your body. Floyd Mayweather Jr. sparring sessions allow him to keep up throughout 12 rounds of a boxing match.

    4. Dieting

    Floyd may be strict when it comes to his training but he eats any type of food that he wants. And he can eat as often as he wants. But you shouldn’t follow that if you really want to lose weight, unless your training is as hard as Floyd. This boxer can eat whatever he wants to eat and he doesn’t have to worry about gaining weight because the calories from his food can be easily burned off. Thanks to his rigorous training. But his personal chef made sure that Floyd Mayweather Jr. eats foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates and must be rich in nutrients to aid his recovery during rigorous exercise.

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