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  • 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Flat Stomach That You Desire

    Wondering why you’re not getting that flat stomach that you desire? Here are some reasons your belly is not as flat as those models that you see no print ads.

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    Getting flatter stomach isn’t simple. Here are some things that you (and I) might be doing to lose the belly fat but they won’t be useful for your (our) quest.

    4 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Flat Stomach That You Desire


    Getting flat stomach isn’t that easy. I followed the Ab Challenge provided by a friend on Twitter but my stomach is still, well, the same. I don’t like having 6-pack abs. I just want the same flat stomach as Gisele’s, if that’s even possible.

    4 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Flat Stomach That You Desire

    Probably, I’m doing it wrong.

    The extra crunches

    Having extra crunches every workout won’t lead to tighter abs. And I can vouch for it.

    We all have ab muscles. They’re hidden under our layers of fats on our stomach. To get a toned stomach, experts recommend focusing on torching those fats that cover the belly.

    In that case, we shouldn’t be focusing on crunches, sit-ups and the like. Rather, let’s focus on burning the fats that cover the ab muscles.


    I’m not a big fan of starving myself to get a flatter stomach or lose weight. My decision is right. Not eating won’t help in getting a flatter stomach.

    Apart from it not being effective, it’s also dangerous for the overall health. Calorie reduction will help in losing weight. However, overdoing it can disrupt body’s metabolism. As a result, weight loss or flatter stomach results won’t happen anytime soon.

    Instead of starving yourself, you must eat the right food. Always remember that eating less is a key to losing weight and getting flat stomach but starvation won’t get you anything.

    Carbohydrates avoidance

    I’m not avoiding carbohydrates (I love pizza). I don’t believe that carbs are bad for the health.

    Fortunately, (some) health experts and I are on the same wavelength. Avoiding carbs won’t help in achieving tighter, flatter stomach. You can still slim down even when eating carbohydrate-rich foods.

    However, this does not mean that you’ll eat heavily on pizza, rice and other foods rich in carbs every day. It means that you need to reduce your carbohydrate consumption. And stick to eating oatmeal, brown rice and whole grains. Don’t give up on carbs. Rather, embrace wholesome carbs.

    Diet pills

    Diet pills are tempting. This is especially true if they are marketed as a pill that can give you flatter, sexier stomach.

    That magic pill we’ve all been waiting for isn’t available on the market, yet. Diet pills won’t give you better results on your belly. In fact, they can hurt your pocket.

    Instead of relying on diet pills to have flatter stomach, focus on eating the right foods and pair it with exercise.


    There’s no shortcut in getting flatter stomach. It takes time to achieve it. You may need to wait for a few months or even years to have a flatter stomach, like Gisele’s.

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