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  • 4 Reasons Smoothies Won’t Help You Lose Weight

    Smoothies – fruits and/veggies – are perfect for your weight loss goal. But if you’re not seeing results yet, you’re maybe doing it wrong. Here are some reasons your fruit/veggie smoothies could cause you to gain weight.

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    Reasons you’re not losing weight with smoothies

    4 Reasons Smoothies Won’t Help You Lose Weight

    Fruit and green smoothies can be of great help with your ability to lose weight. You may replace bowls of cereal for breakfast to have a sweet, satisfying smoothie.

    By drinking smoothies for a few weeks, instead of downing enormous chips and other junk foods, you can expect to see the scale going down.

    But for some people, the pounds just won’t fall off.

    Why is that?

    Absence of Protein

    You can have cucumber, kale, or spinach smoothies but you won’t lose weight if it doesn’t have enough protein to keep you going throughout the day. If you lack protein in your diet, you’ll always feel the urge to eat high-calorie snacks.

    To avoid that, you should have at least 10 grams of protein, each time you make smoothie.

    You may add protein powder, nuts, or milk. For some high-protein smoothie ideas, check out these protein shake recipes.

    Lacks Fiber

    Fiber is useful when it comes to losing weight. It’s proven that it could prevent hunger leading to eating less throughout the day.

    Even though fruits are rich in fiber, not all of them are equal.

    For instance, bananas are common ingredients of smoothies. However, they only contain about 1.4 grams of fiber.

    To alleviate the lack of fiber in fruits, you may add berries, kiwi, flax meal, chia seeds, and other fiber-rich fruits.

    Add a variety of fruits

    It is true that sipping smoothies made of fruits is healthier than eating chips or fries. However, you must also remember that fruits have calories. Fill your blender with 5 different fruits and you could have a fruit smoothie that’s more than 500 calories.

    Because fruits have natural sugars, your body digests them quickly giving you hunger pangs after an hour of consuming a fruit smoothie.

    To alleviate such, you need to add protein to your fruit smoothie. Again, you may add protein powder to your fruit smoothies. Nut butter, soy milk and beans may also be used.

    Contain extra sweeteners

    Sweeteners are not needed when you are making a fruit smoothie. This is because fruits are naturally sweet, unless you use unripe mangoes. If you do add extra sweeteners, then you’re also adding extra 60 calories to your smoothie.

    To prevent having extra sugars, why not add unsweetened soy or yogurt.


    It only shows one thing. If you add too much to your smoothies, then you mustn’t expect the scale to go down easily.

    To achieve the weight loss results that you desire, you should not concentrate on drinking smoothies alone. Instead, you must always pair it with exercise and proper diet.

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    Rod Jong Rod Jong is a BS Chemistry graduate who believes that people must start consuming foods that are organically produced. If he’s not writing, then he’s busy managing his (organic) farm that utilizes the power of natural processes.

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