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  • 4 Proven Home Remedies for Head Lice

    OTC lice treatments contain harmful ingredients. If you don’t want to use them, try these home remedies for head lice to effectively get rid of those buggers and their eggs.

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    4 Proven Home Remedies for Head Lice

    4 Proven Home Remedies for Head Lice

    All of us have been there. Itchy scalp but no dandruff. And when you comb your hair, it seemed like something has fallen out.

    Head lice are a pretty common problem not just in the Philippines but also in the US, UK and other parts of the world.

    When you suspect that your kids have them, don’t panic. They don’t carry disease, although they can spread.

    Unfortunately, lice have become resistant to most OTC products. Luckily, there are home remedies for head lice that can get rid of them effectively.

    They’re not as well-studied or well-researched as those commercial treatments. However, they can provide your head an instant itch relief.


    Combing might just be the right solution for you to remove head lice. You can find that special comb for this purpose at a drugstore.

    This method is cleaner and neater. It’s also safer to use than applying chemicals on your head.

    Even though you will use other home remedies for head lice discussed in this post, you will still need to comb your head to get rid of every last egg you have on your head through combing.


    The oils of some plants have toxic effects, not just on lice, but also on their eggs. You may use tea tree oil, anise oil or ylang ylang oil.

    These essential oils are safe to use and they do not require the manufacturing standards of the FDA to be approved.

    So, go ahead and apply them onto your head. Don’t forget to comb it to properly eliminate the remaining lice.

    DRY IT

    Using a hair dryer, that is. In a certain study conducted, killing nits is possible through hot-air methods, like hair drying. However, it’s not effective in removing live lice.

    With the use of a blow dryer in direct heat, you can eliminate 98% of nits and remove 55% of lice.

    To make it more effective, use this method after you have washed your hair. This is to improve chances of eliminating those little buggers.

    One caveat though. You should not use this method when applying a chemical treatment as it contains flammable ingredients.


    The petroleum jelly that you use for your dry lips can also be applied on your hair to eliminate lice. This is one of the easiest home remedies for head lice that you can do.

    To use this approach, simply coat your hair and scalp with petroleum jelly or a hair styling gel. Then, cover it with shower cap. Let it stay there overnight. Wash it out the following morning. Comb your wet hair using a special comb. Repeat it for one week.


    You may be tempted to use household cleaners as home remedies for head lice. But these cleaners can be toxic enough to cause hair damage. So avoid them.


    As always, you need to prevent yourself or your kids from getting head lice. You can do so by not sharing combs, scarves, or hats with other people.


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