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  • 4 Other Uses of Herbalife Tea Besides Weight Loss

    We all know that Herbalife tea can help with weight loss. Did you know that it has other uses besides assisting you in reducing extra weight? Find out what they are.

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    In-Depth Review of Herbalife Tea Concentrate for Weight Loss

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    Good news! Herbalife tea concentrate isn’t just for weight loss. But it is also used for other purposes.

    This tea is healthy. In fact, it’s been consumed all over the world.

    Thanks to its health benefits that many people are now aware of.

    Unfortunately, in the Philippines, only a few people would opt to consume it. They prefer soda. If only they drank more tea, they’d never have to think about how to lose weight.

    If you choose tea over a can of soda, however, you’d be thinner and healthier. I’m not kidding.

    Try it out yourself.

    Avoid drinking soda or commercial fruit juices. Just prepare Herbalife Tea Concentrate or any brand of tea each time you want to grab a can of soda.

    After a month of not drinking soda, you’ll surely notice a difference in your weight and your overall health.

    This is because tea is proven to burn fats while it increases your mental clarity. It also assists in fighting against free radicals, which are the main reasons we’re suffering from different types of diseases.

    In addition to its effectiveness in losing weight, here are the other uses of this tea.

    Reduces puffier eyes

    Simply put 1 to 2 tablespoons of Herbalife tea to an empty tea bag. Seal it. Soak it to clean water and place it in your fridge. A mason jar is perfect.

    Then, the following morning, apply the cold tea bags to your eyes. Let them stay there for at least 5 minutes.

    The antioxidants present in those bags will reduce wrinkles. The caffeine content will reduce eye puffiness.

    This is great if you love eating salty foods, which are known causes of puffier eyes.

    Soothes sunburn

    Make a cold tea and transfer it in a spray bottle. Spray it on your sunburned skin after spending whole day under the heat of the sun.

    It won’t treat sunburn immediately but it reduces its severity. Thanks to its cooling effect and its antioxidant content.

    Makes healthier cocktail

    Are you throwing a party at your home?

    Don’t forget to add Herbalife Tea Concentrate onto your favorite vodka the night before the party.

    The following day, you can prepare cocktails with it. For a great complexity, add this tea to your mojitos.

    Alleviates migraine

    It’s true that tea contains caffeine and caffeine may trigger migraine.

    However, for some people drinking tea, especially the Herbalife Tea Concentrate, their migraine attacks have reduced significantly.

    Wrapping up

    You, too, should start discovering the many health benefits of drinking tea. It’s not only helpful for your weight loss goals but it’s also great for your overall health.

    When choosing tea, it’s important to opt for organic.

    Make sure that it’s created by companies that are fair trade-certified.

    Why? You’re helping alleviate poverty for tea workers.

    Plus, you can be sure that the tea you’ll be drinking doesn’t have pesticides in it.


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