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  • 4 Healthy Must-Try Juice Recipes – Great for Weight Loss Too

    Juice recipes are getting more and more popular because of their health benefits. They are relatively easy to prepare. But you need a blender or a juicer to produce one healthy juice. Find out some of the healthy juice recipes that you can make at the comfort of your home.

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    Juice Recipes That You Must Try

    Ah, the power of juicing. I’m not particularly a fan of this craze but I make juice recipes once or twice a week. However, I only use fresh fruits and vegetables when I do make fruit/vegetable juice.

    Several nutritionists in the world are recommending fruit/vegetable juicing as part of a healthy diet.

    Grapefruit juice recipe

    Grapefruit Juice Recipe

    We’re lucky here in the Philippines that we can easily find grapefruits allowing us to satisfy our cravings in the morning. When I make grapefruit juice, I incorporate carrot and apple. My friends recommend adding fresh spinach but I don’t like the taste (or appearance) of it.

    To make a grapefruit juice recipe, gather the following ingredients:

    • Peeled grapefruit
    • Apple
    • Carrots
    • Lemon

    After obtaining the needed ingredients, put them all in your juicer or blender. That’s it. This juice is ideal before heading out for your morning jog.

    Fresh pineapple juice recipe

    Pineapple Fruit Juice Recipe

    Pineapples are tropical fruits that offer syrupy tang. They’re also hydrating, which is perfect for this summer season. Instead of just using pineapple, I combine it with papaya. It’s just what the doctor ordered when you have troubled tummy. Constipation? This is a just the thing to make you poop. I like how pineapple makes foam after blending it.

    What ingredients do you need? Chopped pineapple. If you’re like me, you may add papaya. Mix these ingredients using a blender or juicer. To make a cold pineapple juice recipe, you may lay the chopped pineapple or papaya inside your fridge or freezer for at least an hour before you make a juice.

    Minty berry juice recipe

    This is one of the juice recipes I want to try. But I find it difficult to make because of the required ingredients as it involves kiwifruits. According to Williams-Sonoma blog, you’ll need blueberries, kiwifruits, strawberries and mint leaves to produce a healthy minty berry juice.

    Mean green juice recipe

    It’s one of the juice recipes provided by Doctor Oz’s website. It consists of cucumber, celery stalks, apples, kale leaves, lemon and ginger. I’m not a big fan of green smoothies/shakes but I think this is worth a try.

    Healthy Way to Start Your Day

    One of the best things about juice recipes is that you can freely experiment on what ingredients to include. Whatever fruit juice you’re preparing, it’s a healthy way to start your day. But you must only use organic fruits/vegetables to maximize the benefits of these recipes. 

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