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  • 3 Best Alternatives to Gyms for Your Weight Loss Journey

    Working out is one of the best ways to lose weight. But, sometimes, it gets unexciting. As a result, you will find reasons to escape the routine. Thankfully, there are innovative people out there who discovered more fun ways to be in a non-conventional gym to make an effort to be fit. These alternatives to going to the gym could help improve your interest in working out, thereby, easily assist you with your weight loss goal.

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    Alternatives to Going to the Gym to Help with Weight Loss

    I hate going to the gym. The thought of using those pieces of equipment that have been used by other gym-goers is revolting. If you are like me who hate going to traditional fitness gym, then you would surely love these alternatives. They offer new twists to working out to help you lose weight. These alternatives to going to the gym encourage your body to move in various ways allowing your body to become more flexible.

    1. Surfset Fitness

    This one is a must-try to those who are fond of surfing and lovers of extreme adventures. If you love the thrill of surfing, then you’d surely love the idea of participating in an indoor surfing class, i.e. waterless.

    Surfset Fitness

    Riding on waves, per se, is already considered as a killer workout. However, if you are living on dry land, then you must get into SurfSet fitness and work your body out through a specially designed surfboard. While you try to balance yourself while on top of the surfboard, you are already sweating a lot. You will find yourself shifting weight, from left to right and vice versa. Just by standing for a minute or two, your quad muscles and core are already burning. Your arms are also working out by paddling.

    SurfSet is great for working your muscles, enhancing balance and strengthening your core. When you do it frequently, you will surely be whetting your appetite for the real deal and looking forward to that Blue Crush moment. With this workout, you are not only exercising but you are also learning how to properly surf.

    2. Pound Rockout Workout

    Pound Rockout Workout

    Just like SurfSet, Pound Rockout is another cardio workout that will turn an ordinary fitness routine into a killer jam session. This workout involves weighted drumsticks. Essentially, what you will do here is to perform air-drumming using those drumsticks. You may think of it as a lackadaisical workout but if you try it out, then you’d find yourself profusely sweating in just a matter of minutes.

    I like the idea of drumming in rhythm to a certain music because it already burns more calories than running. The overall program could help in lowering stress while improving cognitive skills. What’s more about this routine is that it does not involve generic gym tunes, just the hits.

    3. Bliss Paddle Yoga

    If you are into yoga, then you might like this alternative. Instead of using the conventional yoga mat, you will be stepping onto a paddleboard and into the ocean. With this workout session, you are not only doing yoga but you will also learn how to do paddleboard on the beach.

    Bliss Paddle Yoga

    Even if you do not have experience in paddleboarding or yoga, you can still take advantage of this fitness workout to help you lose weight as the program is offered to all levels. This program is a win-win considering the combined benefits of yoga and paddleboarding on the beach. Sounds awesome!

    These alternatives to gyms for your weight loss program could change how the way you work your body out. They utilize new equipment and gears. You will be participating in these programs in non-traditional places. Essentially, they make fitness more fun than going to a gym and lift weights. Yep, I hate that too! Plus, you don’t have to undergo liposuction just to lose weight. Ain’t that great? 

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