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  • 10 Flat Belly Foods That Taste Good

    Here is a list of flat belly foods that don’t only taste good but are also effective in trimming your waistline.

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    10 Flat Belly Foods That Taste Good

    Most of us are conscious about our waistline. If it’s zapping your body confidence, then you need to consider eating flat belly foods that taste good.

    That’s not to say you will have flatter, sexier abs after eating. However, if you choose to pair them with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, you’ll fit comfortably in your clothes in a few days.

    You don’t have to diet. All you need is to eat clean without depriving yourself of the food that you love.

    Oats And Nuts

    Nuts Belly Flat Food

    Zapping belly fat is possible by increasing your intake of soluble fiber. These flat belly foods that are high in soluble fiber are oats, berries, nuts and beans. Every day, aim to eat at least 25 grams. It is especially useful if you have diabetes. One of its reasons is that soluble fiber does a great job at controlling blood sugar than carbohydrates. A piece of bread, for instance, can only make your blood sugar increase then drop.

    Are you eating enough fiber? One of the signs that you’re not eating enough of it is that you feel constipated. By eating fiber-rich food, it can assist other foods to move through your digestive tract quicker, thereby, decreasing constipation.

    Another sign is that you feel unsatisfied after eating. With soluble fiber, you feel full quickly because it absorbs water in the digestive tract. So, instead of having a snack of junk foods, try healthy, fiber-rich foods.


    Banana Belly Flat Food

    It’s true that bananas are high in carbohydrates. But they are also healthy and a good source of nutrients. The potassium content in this fruit can flush those extra water out of your system. If you carry too much water weight after eating salty foods, try eating a banana after to get rid of the extra water weight.


    Yogurt Flat Belly Food

    It’s a probiotic food that has good bacteria. We all know that good bacteria can help in regulating digestion. If you eat a daily serving of yogurt each day for a month, you will notice a decrease in your body fat. For a healthy digestion, consider eating probiotic-rich food every day.

    However, you must remember that not all yogurts are created the same. Thus, stay away from yogurts with sugars and syrups. Choose those with natural ingredients that say “live and active cultures.


    Watermelon Flat Belly Food

    It’s like a banana that contains potassium. That said, it can also cut down your extra water weight. When you drink pure watermelon juice every day, you can decrease your belly fat and cholesterol level.

    If you don’t like watermelon, you can eat a fistful of almonds as they, too, can slash your bad cholesterol and boost the good ones. Choose to eat almonds, rather than pretzels, could significantly cut your bad cholesterol.


    Papaya Flat Belly Food

    It’s another flat belly food that’s worth adding to your list. Papaya contains enzymes that can make digestion a lot easier. It’s also high in fiber, vitamin A, C and other vitamins. What’s more interesting is that its vitamin C content is twice the content in oranges.


    Peppermint Tea Flat Belly Food

    If you feel a little bloated, you can suck on a candy cane. Peppermint extract can ease digestive irritation. When you sniff peppermint, it can make you feel less hungry. As a result, it prevents you to overeat.

    Or you can sniff grapefruit. The scent of this fruit helps in lowering your appetite, thereby, reducing your weight as you can prevent yourself from overeating. There’s no exact explanation as to why smelling it can decrease your appetite. However, researchers believe that it has something to do with how its smell interacts with your liver enzymes.

    Chamomile Tea

    Chamomile Tea Flat Belly Food

    Stress can make you sick and gain weight. That’s the reason your pants are tighter than before. To calm you down and ease bloating, drink chamomile tea. Yes, by staying hydrated, you can fight belly fat. Each time you feel stressed out, make sure to drink a cup of this tea. Or drink ten glasses of water a day.

    Dark Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate Flat Belly Food

    But before you buy chocolate bars, ensure that they contain more than 60 percent of cacao. Dark choco is known to decrease inflammation while it is useful in curbing your sweet cravings. In that way, you can stop reaching for a milk chocolate bar. In various studies, researchers found that people who regularly eat dark chocolate had a lower BMI than those who consume it less frequently.

    Drink More Water

    Drinking enough fluid supports your goal of flattening your tummy. When there’s enough fluid in your system, it’s easier for your body to pull liquid to your lower intestine, thereby, easing out constipation. If you don’t drink enough water, you will always have that blown-up belly feeling.

    You must aim for at least eight glasses of water a day and pair it with fruits and vegetables. The liquid quota can be met by drinking water, milk, coffee, and tea. But never alcohol as it contains dehydrating effect.

    When you drink water, it’s better to choose lukewarm water than a cold one.

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