Red Can Attract Men – Learn The Reasons Why And How To Wear Red Dress Properly

Red Can Attract Men – Learn The Reasons Why And How To Wear Red Dress Properly

Red Can Attract Men – Learn The Reasons Why And How To Wear Red Dress Properly

Woman, are you looking for a mate? You don’t need to go in a bar or a park just to hunt down real good men. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, men are more attracted to women wearing a red-colored dress.

The psychologists who conducted said research found out that the red color has a subtle yet powerful message about the wearer. Men view women in red to be more alluring and who’ll respond more to romantic advances. Furthermore, men respondents who were shown photos of women in red said that they found these ladies to be more attractive compared to women wearing green or white garments.

Because of the subtle message the “red dress” conveys, you might want to be judicious when you use red clothing while in a bar. If you’re not looking for a date, then you might want to consider other colors, like green or blue.

However, if you’re indeed looking for a man to be your special someone, then you should consider starting to like the red color. Unfortunately, not all women know how to wear red dress perfectly.

Here are some things you need to study before wearing your red dress while going out with your friends.

1. Red is a very attractive color.

When you put on a red-colored dress, you’ll stand out from the crowd and attract a lot of attention from people around you.

2. Red can emphasize your weaknesses.

Although red can help you put in the limelight, wearing this color when you have rashes isn’t a good idea as it can give prominence to them.

But how should you wear red perfectly to attract men?

1. Choose a red tone that suits your skin.

If you’ve fair skin, then you’re very lucky you can easily wear red dresses. However, if you’ve dark complexion, then you might want to avoid wearing bright red or crimson dress. Rather, choose a dress with a little touch of pink or orange.

2. Combine red with different tones of red.

You can go with bright red and neon pink or light red with violet. If you want a daring appearance, you can go with red and blue. White and red is a good combination but it’s a pretty common duo.

Now that you know how to wear red dress properly, you need to know where to wear it.

Yes, it’s true that red can attract men. But it’s not the same as white that allows you to wear it everywhere. However, if you’re going for a date, with friends or a big event, then red dress is a perfect idea.

To further help you stand out from the crowd, learn how to take care of your skin. An aloe vera can assist you in achieving smoother skin that men always desire.

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