Online Dating Etiquette – The Must-Know Golden Rules of Online Dating



Yes, there’s such a thing as online dating etiquette. But it’s not as rigid as royal etiquette. They’re simple golden rules that make your experience as comfortable and vibrant as possible.

You should heed to these rules, especially when you share information about yourself to your online dating profile or social media.

Tell the truth about your marital status

If you want to find someone to love or marry someday, you should be honest about your marital status or emotional availability. Don’t lie about it, unless you’re in a site that encourages adultery.

Don’t hurt innocent men and women by posting as single and available when you’re already married. Lying about it is just an indication that you’re a lowly coward.

Be neutral

Another online dating etiquette you must remember is to keep your tone neutral. Bear in mind that not all people agree with your opinion.

Thus, it’s essential that you keep your language as neutral as possible.

Avoid posting profile photo of others

Well, many people who go to an online dating site post photos of others. This is especially true if they wanted to hide something about themselves. Simply put. They don’t want their spouses to find out about them.

Using a picture that’s not you is just a waste of your time if you’re looking for a man/woman in an online dating site.

And don’t post photo of yourself taken 10 years ago when you were still fat/slim. This will only disappoint the people who’d like to meet you.

It’s an online dating etiquette that can prevent a sense of betrayal.

Keep emails to a minimum

online dating etiuette

online dating etiuette

One of the first things that online dating members do is to exchange emails before meeting in person. But don’t send them more than 10 emails.

Experts of online dating etiquette recommend 2-5 emails before you meet them in person. This is because the idea is to meet him/her in person and not to be online pals.

And if that person didn’t respond after passing 2 emails, then it’s an indication that he/she isn’t interested in you. Just leave the scene.

If you continue sending him/her emails, you’ll be seen as a stalker. Some online dating sites terminate members who appear to be stalking someone.

After 5 strikes, you’re out of the scene.

Find something that you can talk about

As you get to know each other online, you should give your best impression about who you are. But avoid making comments about your physical appearance. This is especially true if you’re divulging intimate details about yourself.

Online dating etiquette requires you to find common connections. But these must be positive. For instance, you can find activities that the two of you can do together upon meeting in person. Watch movies. Go to a zoo. And so on and so forth.

While looking for common interests, it’s a must that you keep your tone positive or neutral. Don’t be too sarcastic at first. Do it only after the two of you have already understood each other’s humor and sarcasm.

Take rejection lightly

You may be gorgeous in the eyes of your mother. But in his/her eyes, you’re not.

You may be attractive but not every person in this world finds you attractive enough.

Thus, if that person doesn’t call you back after meeting you in person, you have to move on.

Don’t say something nasty about him online. This is an online dating etiquette that members often forget.

Take rejection in a gracious manner. There are a lot of fish in the ocean. If he/she is not attracted to you, don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Wait before becoming friends on social media

online dating etiquette

online dating etiquette

Just because you’re dating already, doesn’t mean you have to friend each other on social media, like Facebook.

Before you do that, ask him/her if it’s okay to friend each other. In a book of online dating etiquette, if you feel awkward to ask him/her about it, then it’s a sign that you shouldn’t do it.

Don’t tag each other

Now, if the two of you have decided to become friends on Facebook or Google Plus, don’t post a photo that may imply that you’re dating or in an exclusive relationship.

You must first be 100% sure about it. Ask him/her before posting a photo. And don’t share too many details about your relationship. This is an online dating etiquette that people must be acquainted of. Don’t use social media to broadcast your love about each other.

Have some decency

If you’ve decided not to continue seeing each other, then tell him/her. Don’t make up lame excuses just to avoid him/her. If he/she is not the one you’re looking for, then say something about it.

Don’t say something that you have found someone when you’re still looking for that someone on the same site that the two of you met. He/she will see you there.

It might hurt his/her feelings but making up excuses will only hurt him/her more. So be honest about it.

He/she may not take it gently but at least you told him/her about your real feelings.

It’s an acceptable online dating etiquette.

Be honest about your situation

Are you exclusive or non-exclusive?

If he/she doesn’t say anything, don’t ask.

However, if that person assumes that you’re being faithful to him/her even when you’re not, then you need to tell him/her straight.

And if you want to be exclusive, you must tell him/her. He/she might agree with you.

In an online dating etiquette, it’s okay to agree about something, especially about exclusivity. However, if you have given your word, you need to be honorable about it.

Most of all, don’t promise something that you can’t deliver or provide. If you don’t have intentions of being exclusive, don’t promise him/her.

Avoid sexting



Need I say more? Sexting must not be included on the table. Even if you’ve agreed to be exclusively dating.

Don’t use your phone on a first date

How can that person respect you if you keep on using your phone while he/she is in front of you?

To make a good first impression, put away your phone.

Don’t assume that he’ll pay (if you’re a woman)

Man always pays when you’re on a date.

But things are changing now. In the book of online dating etiquette, you shouldn’t assume that he’ll pay. He may be one of those men who think that their partners must contribute.

You should contribute, especially if your date is held in an expensive place. But you should discuss about it before meeting him in person.

Treat others as you’d want to be treated

If you want to break up with him/her, don’t dump that person through email. Keep in mind that e-mails can be forwarded to anyone. That person may think that you’re not serious about it.

Apply the online dating etiquette of being straightforward by making a phone call or meeting him/her in person.

If you’re a man, don’t be like Caroline Wozniaki’s ex-fiancé. Be a man and break up with her in person.

Avoid giving out your home phone number

Even though you’ve exchanged emails or chats many times through an online dating site, you should still take safety precautions.

Apply this online dating etiquette: don’t give out your home phone number or the exact address of your house, until you meet him/her.

And when you do agree to meet up, you should tell a friend or someone you can trust that you’re going to meet him/her in person. Tell your friend, for instance, about the exact address where the meeting will take place.

Then, in the middle of your meal, go to a bathroom and call your friend. Let your friend know if you’re okay or not.

If you’re uncomfortable about your first meeting, you should leave. Follow your guts, especially if you’re a woman.

Be patient

If at first try, the first person you meet online didn’t click, then don’t give up. Don’t close your doors. He/she could be a great friend or a business partner.

Online dating sites aren’t just for people who are looking for someone to love. But they can be the best avenues to find business partners or friends.

Don’t promise anything

This is another online dating etiquette that people keep on forgetting.

If you don’t intend to keep him/her, be honest about it. Don’t promise anything that you can’t keep. Don’t promise the moon and the stars.

Even though you’re in a cyberspace, the person you’re communicating with is a person. He/she has feelings. If you’re not honest to him/her, you might be damaging his/her ability to trust someone or something.

Always be careful of what you’re going to say.


These golden rules of online dating will keep you safe from people who are taking advantage of your feelings. They’re also there to prevent you from hurting anyone.

Follow these rules of online dating etiquette while using an online dating site or any forms of social media. They can help you become a respectable person even if people won’t see you.

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