Falling in Love – How do Men Fall in Love?

Falling in Love – How do Men Fall in Love?

Falling in Love – How do Men Fall in Love?

Falling in love has different stages. But the stages are quite different in men. Men don’t experience bursts of happiness. They also don’t send you miss-you texts.

For them, falling in love entails happy experience. But they won’t feel it immediately. When they first meet women, they don’t have surge of affections unlike women. This is because their minds work differently than the ladies.

So, how do men fall in love? Here are the stages.


Unfortunately, men don’t fall in love during their first conversation with women. They’re first attracted to women’s physical aspects.

Nothing else.

Men are shallow. They deemed physical appearance as the most important at first. Each man has a different preference. He can like the woman’s face, legs or just her smile.

Most men are more attracted to women’s chest, butt, and legs.

Some men, however, don’t know about what they like about that girl.


Men who might be falling in love will always try to get the woman’s attention all the time.

On this stage, the man is interested in wooing or pursuing the woman.

A man has different ways to pursue a woman. However, if she doesn’t accept his affection, he forgets the girl and finds another one.

Sadly, it’s easier for men to like a girl today and forget about her the next day.


If the woman reciprocates the gesture, the man enters into the most important stage of falling in love – attraction. However, in this stage, the guy isn’t serious yet. This means that when the girl rejects him, he can easily walk away without feeling any pain.

Remember, he’s still on the attraction stage.

However, if the girl he’s pursuing shows interest in him, he digs deeper and wants her to like him.


Falling in love in men is quite complicated. Even if he’s already attracted to the girl, he’s not yet feeling the love that the girl wants.

On this stage, he only wants the girl to like him. He plans dates, gives her gifts and other things to please the girl.


At this stage, the guy starts to wonder if there’s something more about his feelings to the girl. However, he’d still want to make sure if the girl really wants him.

He won’t stop thinking about how he will further impress the girl to like him.


Once he’s convinced that the girl likes him, he’s already a happy man.

At this stage, he’s weighing the pros and cons of falling in love with the girl. He’ll wonder whether or not it is the right move. Will he find happiness with the girl? He’ll ask himself if the girl is the woman he wants or needs in his life.


He’s really to love the girl. That is, if he’s convinced that he loves the girl and wants her to be his girlfriend.

If he’s not convinced, he may avoid her or lose interest in pursuing her.


As you can see, men who are falling in love can be quite confusing. It’s annoying to know that they want the woman to fall in love with them first before committing to anything.

Thus, love experts recommend keeping everything simple. Women must play hard to get while men are pursuing them. In this way, the man will work harder to make the woman fall in love with him.

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