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What to do on speed dating?

So, you’ve finally decided to take the dating advice of your friend and participate on speed dating. After accepting that he’s not going to approach you, it might be a good time for you to go on a date and get back in your game.

It’s an efficient strategy to search for that special someone. Although you’ll be competing against different ladies, they’re not stiff competitors. Many women are now participating in it because they know that the men they like don’t have the courage to approach them in a social setup. They also participate in it for fun.

But how can speed dating help you find the right one?

Avoid lining up your dates

After having fun with your friends participating in speed-dating night, pretty sure you have gotten a few invites on a date. To know which one of those men is the one, you should begin with one date. Then, schedule the other men afterward. This is to avoid going back to square one.

Do something different

This is an important dating advice after you haven’t scored any connections with men. Keep in mind that men love confident and charming women. Before you take part in another speed dating night, you should work on your skills in asking some dating questions or a few mischievous teasing.

What’s great about this type of dating is that your appearance isn’t important. You’re going to meet all the other guys. So be prepared before you go there. Always smile and make him feel good while talking to him.

Avoid calling him first

If he said he’d call you, he would call you, i.e. if he’s really interested in you. After that night and you didn’t get a call the next day, it simply means one thing – he’s not into you. That said, you shouldn’t try finding him online. Tracking him on social media to find out where he hangs out often. Forget about him and move on.

When you go on speed dating again, you should polish your strategy.

Remember to say goodbye

As soon as the time is up, you should say goodbye before he goes to the next table. There’s no need to hug him. However, make sure that you let him finish what he’s trying to say and look him in the eye when saying goodbye. Give him a half-smile and hold eye contact for a few seconds.

Don’t talk about your weakness

He’ll know more about that when you go on a real date. This means that you should avoid talking about how you failed in looking for a new job. Most of all, you should never mentioned about your ex or bad breakups. Never talk about your desperate need of a date or a boyfriend. Guys don’t like desperate women.

Dress up nicely

All women on speed dating do make an effort to dress up nicely for that night. You don’t have to wear expensive clothes. Instead, wear something comfortable but nice and decent, so you’ll stand out from the crowd. Men would see that you’ve made an effort to look nice in front of them.

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