2 Best Herpes Dating Sites You Should Try

2 Best Herpes Dating Sites You Should Try

2 Best Herpes Dating Sites You Should Try

Online herpes dating sites are great for those who are suffering from STDs and seeking love. If you’re one of those people, then you can take advantage of these sites to assist you in finding a companion who also has the same medical problem as yours.

But these sites aren’t only useful in finding the love of your life, who also has a STD, but they’re also beneficial in finding support from people with the same medical condition. You can use their live consultations with counselors and doctors. But before you join one or some of them, it’s essential that you consider their safety features.


This is one of the problems of patients with herpes. But using herpes dating sites can offer a great deal for you as rejection isn’t unlikely.

Top herpes dating sites

Positive Singles

It’s one of the most highly recommended herpes dating sites that you can register. This isn’t only beneficial for singles but it’s also useful for couples living with herpes.

It’s one of the largest online sites to find date with herpes. This is a community for people with this condition and the site’s admin removes those members who don’t even qualify for this condition.

STD Friends

This isn’t as popular as our number 1 choice but it’s also capable of helping you find romantic relationship with someone who’s also suffering from herpes.

However, this site doesn’t only focus on finding you a date but it also caters to helping you find a friend with STD.

What of regular dating sites?

The problem with other dating sites, like eHarmony and Match, is that you need to lie about your medical condition first. You’ll also need to consider the time as to when you’re going to tell that person you’re already dating that you have herpes? If you tell him/her right away that you have it, then it’s highly likely that he/she will go away.

Betrayal is another problem you’ll find when using these sites. Most of the people with this medical condition will wait for the relationship to develop before telling their partners that they have this untreatable disease. This makes it really difficult to find true date or love.

Should you be using these herpes dating sites?

Herpes is pretty common these days. This means that you don’t need to worry about your friends or family knowing about your condition. They can be cruel at first. But they’ll change their attitude in the end. You might find your luck first in a regular dating site before trying these specialized sites.

Reduce the risk

If you couldn’t find love on herpes dating sites, you could still try using those regular ones. There’s no need for you to worry about spreading the disease to your soon-to-be partner. This is because there are ways that you can prevent it from happening.

One of those ways is to use suppressive therapy. This is an effective strategy in lowering transmission risk.

Wearing condoms each time you have sex with your partner is also ideal, even for oral sex.

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